How-to: find a vision solution that’s right for you

How-to: find a vision solution that’s right for you

Deciding between two things is always fraught with difficulty – Ange, or Jen? Ice-cream, or chocolate? The list goes on… and when it comes to choosing whether you’re going to wear contact lenses or glasses, the decision isn’t any easier.  We take the guessing game out of the equation by weighing up the pros and cons of your vision options…

-Glasses can be fiercely fashionable
-Surveys have shown that most people believe people who wear glasses are more intelligent (no wonder Elle Woods adopted a pair in ‘Legally Blonde’!)
-A good pair can last you forever
-They’re super quick and easy to put on
-They’re ideal for correcting astigmatism

-Awareness of the frames
-The distance between your eyes and the lens sometimes creates distortion
-They can fog up when the temperate changes
-They can clash with your outfit
-They create a barrier between your face and the world

Contact Lenses
-They’re undetectable, so no one knows you’re wearing them
-They don’t detract from your natural appearance
-They give a more natural feeling of vision as they’re worn right on the eye
-You can’t feel that you’re wearing them
-They’re ideal for people who play a lot of sport

-They can be time-consuming and messy to put in and clean
-They can break, pop out or tear if you don’t maintain a proper eye care routine
-If you get dust inside or don’t clean regularly, your eye health can be affected, resulting in infection
-You can’t open your eyes fully underwater
-They can be a nightmare to try and find if you lose them

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  1. The Dailies that I wear means that they get thrown out at the end of the day so no need to clean and also are more hygenic also for this reason, I do wash my hands before I put them in as well to take the extra care. So these dailys may suit you beauti!

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