How-to: care for your ears

How-to: care for your ears

Anyone who’s suffered the pain of an ear infection knows how intense it can be. Left untreated, ear infections can rapidly take over the body and attack your immunity, resulting in fever and nausea. The best way to stop the pain of ear infection is to prevent it in the first place with a suitable ear care routine. Here’s how…

Avoid smoke

Cigarette smoke can get into your ears and affect their ability to function properly, which can lead to infection – so where possible, avoid long periods of exposure to smoke.

Stay away sick people

Don’t put yourself in the line of fire. Avoid close contact with people suffering from colds or the flu – either of these illnesses can easily result in ear ache.

Wash, wash wash!

Wash your hands regularly and if possible, carry a handbag-sized bottle of antibacterial gel with you so you can freshen up at any time and keep the germs that cause ear infection away.

Don’t go OTT with the cotton buds

How would you like it if someone was constantly poking and prodding you? You’d end up irritated and agitated! The same goes for your ears. Overdoing it with the cotton buds can cause inflammation and irritation and being too rough can potentially damage the fragile tissue of your inner ear, so stick to cleaning out your ear wax once a week, not once a day.

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