Avon calling!

Avon calling!

My first experience with an Avon Representative came about while watching  ‘Edward Scissorhands’. A pink-clad Diane Wiest knocked on the door of a decrepit mansion with a cheery, “Avon calling!” – and instantly I was hooked.

For weeks afterwards my friends and I stayed entertained by dressing up in pink, and “Avon calling!” each other (read: knocking on our bedroom doors – or the bedroom doors of our unsuspecting brothers – and providing makeover services). Needless to say, we loved it. Our brothers…not so much.

To us as kids, Avon meant dressing up and experimenting with make-up – the fact that it was a company providing millions of women around the world with financial and professional opportunities that they may not have otherwise had didn’t even enter into our minds.

Today, there are more than 6.2 million Avon Representatives in more than 100 countries worldwide. Every Avon Representative is essentially an independent business owner, can run a flexible home-based business, and set their own hours – making it a great option for busy mums looking for some extra income, or someone who needs flexibility in their work environment.

And you literally don’t need anything more than $10 to start up. From your very first order as an Avon Representative, you’ll receive the product on credit and pay Avon back after you’ve received payment from your customers. You can earn up to 50 per cent of the sales price of what you sell, and the more you sell, the more you earn.

As an Avon Representative you’ll also have the opportunity to further build your business and increase your earnings through the Avon Leadership program, as well as through marketing, sales and ecommerce training. You can also become an eRepresentative and host your own personal website!

So whether you’re looking for extra ways to make ends meet, want to go down a more flexible career path, or simply love all things beauty, then becoming an Avon Representative could be for you. For more information on Avon and how to become a Representative, simply visit the Avon website.

What was your first experience with Avon?

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