The perfect product pairs you need in your beauty routine

The perfect product pairs you need in your beauty routine

Many of our favourite beauty products are total stand-alones. Take that long-lasting lippie, or fail-safe body lotion. But in some cases, it takes more than one product to get the result you really want. Cue the product pairings you need in your beauty regime – because sometimes, it takes two…

Pair #1: Face cream + eye cream

You’re probably already in the habit of using a face cream (nice work!), but to prevent premature ageing, it’s important to pay special attention to your eyes, too. An eye cream such as Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate is the missing piece in your moisturising puzzle. Sure, it may add a few extra seconds to your skincare routine right now, but trust me, your peepers will thank you for it later on!

Pair #2: Nail colour + top coat

A vibrant nail hue without a glossy finish is like banana cake without cream cheese icing – just a bit of a letdown. Granted, some nail polishes do deliver decent shine on their own (Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Polish, for example), but for a salon-worthy mani, a top coat such as Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base and Top Coat is key.

Pair #3: Shampoo + conditioner

Okay, this one’s a tad obvious, but unless you’ve jumped on the co-washing bandwagon, you’ll find neither product works as well without the other. In fact, skipping conditioner can cause your hair to get oilier quicker – meaning you’ll have to wash it twice as often anyway. The same goes for men (although blokes with very short hair can get away with just a moisturising hair cleanser, such as GAIA Made for Men Shampoo).

Pair #4: Bronzer + illuminator

A sweep of bronzer is beautiful, but combine it with an illuminator and you’ll end up with a seriously luminous glow, a la Jessica Alba. To prevent the combo from looking cakey, brush a powder bronzer across your cheekbones and a more dewy liquid illuminator above. We love using jane iredale So-Bronze® Bronzing Powder and Benefit Sun Beam liquid highlighter together.

Pair #5: Fake tan + mitt

If there’s one thing bh’s Sam knows a bit about, it’s how to apply fake tan properly. Her secret weapon? A mitt. Not only will it stop you from getting self-tan all over your hand, but it’ll also help you to buff it in properly, ensuring an even application with zero streaks. The St Tropez Applicator Mitt and 1000 Hour Self Tan Applicator Mitt are both machine-washable, so they’re perfect for repeat use!

Do you use any of these perfect pairs? What other beauty products do you like to use together?

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