How does the Aveda Invati range treat thinning hair?

How does the Aveda Invati range treat thinning hair?

Everyone wants full, thick, bouncy hair. Everyone. But sometimes factors like genetics, age, diet and lifestyle annoyingly prevent us all from owning such strands. However, there is something you can do when it comes to tackling the issue of fine and thinning hair.

The Aveda Invati range does wonders for those suffering from hair loss or thinning hair. (Just ask our Trial Team – they loved the results!) By stimulating and energising the scalp, the shampoo, conditioner and scalp revitaliser rehabilitate your hair follicles, helping to accelerated hair growth and hair strength. Awesome, huh?

To find out more about this marvellous hair care range, watch the video above to discover why this range is so effective on thinning strands…

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