Heidi Montag: from beautiful to Barbie

Heidi Montag: from beautiful to Barbie

Heidi, something about you has changed… your hair colour perhaps? A new shade of lippy? No, it’s the entire alteration of your appearance after your 10 elected procedures that have distorted your gorgeous, natural features, making you look more Mattel than Montag.

You see, in November last year, Montag had a breast enlargement (from an A cup to a whopping DDD), a chin reduction and eight other procedures during 10 hours under the knife – no mean feat for a 23-year-old starlet with the frame of someone a good five years her junior.

Why did she choose to fiddle with her still-youthful features? She told Good Morning America that she was not “addicted” to plastic surgery, and felt like “a different, improved version of [herself].” (Couldn’t a little Botox have done the job?)

Not only can this kind of surgery be extremely risky (there are reports that her life was in danger due to an almost-overdose of Demerol, the same substance that took Michael Jackson’s life), it’s a hazardous example to set for her young fans. Let’s just hope they’ll be turned off by the unnerving end result…

How do you feel knowing that this woman is the star of a show watched by the majority of 15-30-year-old Australian girls?

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