Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face Fragrance Free Lotion SPF50+ Trial Team

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face Fragrance Free Lotion SPF50+ Trial Team


50 women between 18 – 34 seeking an SPF formula that will protect, hydrate and nourish their skin

Star rating:

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face Fragrance Free Lotion SPF50+


  • 92% would recommend Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face Fragrance Free SPF50+ to their friends and family
  • 90% would purchase Hawaiian Tropic knowing it is PETA Cruelty Free and Reef Friendly
  • 82% found Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face Fragrance Free SPF50+ to be non-greasy and moisturising
  • 80% would purchase Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face Fragrance Free SPF50+ 100ml after testing and trialling the product

beautyheaven says:

The Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face Fragrance Free Lotion SPF50+ is an oil-free, non-greasy sunscreen that’s been specifically formulated for the face. 

Featuring the highest SPF rating available in Australia, in combination with a fast absorbing and moisturising formula, this sunscreen doubles as a hydrating face lotion for long-lasting protection and nourishment. 

As the warmer weather rolled around, Trial Team members enjoyed their first beach days of the season, delighted to be packing the new Hawaiian Tropics SPF in their beach bag. Members noted that the sunscreen was a lot more lightweight than other sunscreen products they had used in the past. They reported that the “runny” texture meant that little product was needed to cover their entire face, and it was much faster to absorb into the skin. 

Some users with oily skin found that the product accentuated their shine, however, those with normal-to-dry skin praised it for providing an extra boost of hydration without causing their skin to break out or clog (even those who considered themselves acne-prone).

Off the beach, those who tried the product reported it delivered on its promise of 12-hour moisture, revealing their skin remained soft and smooth, even after a long day. Additionally, those who used it in their makeup routine said that the SPF provided a seamless and natural application onto dry skin. One member even trialled the product underneath a full-coverage matte concealer with great results. 

Combining the above feedback with the affordable price point, cruelty-free formula and non-offensive scent, this face sunscreen was set to become a regular in everyone’s rotation after trial.

*Stats are based on a survey of 50 beautyheaven Trial Team members.

The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Hawaiian Tropic for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

You say:

“I liked this silk hydrating sunscreen. I used this on myself and my 3 kids. After a day in the sun and swimming none of the kids had sunburn and their faces were soft and not red.” – Mellony Henwood

“It’s super light weight and a great sunscreen when spending the day at the beach or river! It doesn’t dry my skin out, it’s very hydrating! It doesn’t have any smell to it which is my favourite part. I have acne prone skin and this didn’t make me break out!” – beautyguru101

“This is now my favourite face sunscreen as it also wears nicely under makeup too! Other than it being beneficial for your skin it is also benefits the environment as it’s Peta certified cruelty free and reef safe. Looking forward to checking out more from this brand. Highly recommend.” – stacey453

“After using this product my skin feels soft and moisturised. I feel safe knowing that it delivers UVA and UVB broad spectrum SPF 50+ protection for my skin. Being reef friendly and cruelty free is a big bonus for me.” – beautynutter

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  1. Sorry. It is incredibly irritating with the age cut off. 18 to 34 is ridiculous in my opinion. Congratulations to those on the trial. I have no issue with any of those trialling but to stop at 34 makes me wonder.

  2. Riddle me this though BH, I have way more money than I did before 35 and it is only going to increase as I get older. Your clients really have the wrong end of the stick here. I am in the market to spend that said money their way but if they’re only going to direct their trials at below 35, I have 0 interest in putting bank into their products.

  3. Huh!? I guess I’m not the target market for this brand since trial was limited to 18-34yo. News flash Hawaiian Tropic team, sunscreen should be used by everyone, regardless of age, but I guess you’d prefer me to buy another brand. Message received.

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