3 awesome beauty tricks that’ll change your life

3 awesome beauty tricks that’ll change your life

At bh, we’re always on the lookout for new beauty tips and tricks. Because even though we write about beauty all day, every day, we still don’t know everything! Recently, I came across three absolute doozies – and I couldn’t resist sharing! One of these will change your life, guaranteed…

1. When your nails turn yellow

If you’ve mastered manicures, you’ll probably never know the rank repercussions of skipping the topcoat before applying a dark shade of polish. But if, heaven forbid, you’re human and you’ve stained your nails, there’s a fix…

For an easy home remedy, mix three to four tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with half a cup of water. Soak your nails in the solution for two minutes, and then gently scrub them with a soft toothbrush. Rinse off with water, and finish by massaging in some cuticle oil (we like Sea Siren Sealicious Cuticle & Nail Oil and Bio Sculpture Cuticle Oil). You can repeat this two to three times a week until your nails are sporting a healthier hue.

2. When you smash your bronzer/blush palette

As someone who’s spent the past month battling with the remnants of a broken NARS bronzer, I’m familiar with the agony of a smashed make-up palette. If only I’d known about this trick before I committed to using up every last bit…

To fuse the shattered pieces back together, you’ll need a spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol, as well as a tissue and a coin (or another flat, heavyweight object that fits easily in the palette). Depending on the state of the product, you may have to break up the larger chunks (using end of a make-up brush) to create a finer texture to work with. 

Then, take your spray bottle and mist the powder until it’s soaked. Pick up your coin, wrap it in the tissue, and press it into the palette for a few seconds to pack the powder back in. Remove the coin carefully, and once the product dries, the palette should be pretty close to its original form. Yay!

3. When your hair catches fire

If this hasn’t happened to you before, high five. But if, like me, you’ve suffered the indignity of lighting your ponytail on fire (thanks, candle!), you’ll know how bad burned hair looks and smells. Thankfully, you can minimise the damage…

Speaking to minichatter.com, hairstylist Amit Abraham says, “Your best bet is to go and see your stylist immediately. Do not, I repeat, do not try to fix the damage yourself. You risk the chance of making it worse and suffering for a lot longer.” 


Your stylist will need to cut the burned portion off and tidy up the style. Try not to cry – short hair may actually suit you

Luckily, hair grows from the roots (not the ends), so your mop should grow back without a problem. In the meantime, use a hair mask such as TONI&GUY Hair Care Nourish Reconstruction Mask or AVON Intense Recovery Treatment Mask to speed up the healing.

Which of these beauty woes can you relate to the most? What’s your best ever beauty tip?

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