Habitual Beauty Hydrating Sleep Mask Trial Team

Habitual Beauty Hydrating Sleep Mask Trial Team


20 Aussie women seeking to brighten, hydrate and revitalise dull, dry skin. Members sampled six products from the Habitual Beauty range, with a spotlight on the Hydrating Sleep Mask.

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Hydrating Sleep Mask



found that the Nourishing Moisturiser provided long-lasting hydration.


found that the Rejuvenating Facial Oil left their skin feeling replenished and illuminated


found their skin appeared more hydrated and/or nourished after using the Hydrating Sleep Mask


found that the Hydrating Serum leave their skin feeling hydrated, your skin tone more even, and/or radiant

beautyheaven says:

The Habitual Beauty Hydrating Sleep Mask features a vitamin-rich formulation, including vitamin B3, B5 and E, to nourish, hydrate, soothe and lock in essential moisture overnight.

On first impressions, the neutral, sleek packaging was perceived by Trial Team members as being of high quality, as well as becoming a welcome addition to their bathroom vanity. And while already impressed by the outside of the pot, our members were delighted  even further when they opened the lid to unveil the fun, vibrant purple cream.

In spite of its thick consistency, members reported that the formula applied smoothly without feeling heavy, greasy, or uncomfortable overnight. For members who went to sleep with skin that felt dry and dull, they were pleased to wake up to a bright, renewed and glowing complexion the next morning. 

The members who avoided overnight masks in the past due to the hassle of the product transferring onto their pillows, were relieved to discover that Habitual Beauty’s formula was absorbed into their faces within half an hour of application. No stains or residue on the sheets. However, members who opted to apply the mask for 10 minutes before bed instead of overnight, were still impressed with the results they were seeing on their skin whether it was dry, oily or combination.

In as little as one use, members were reporting that their skin was visibly softer and plumper. Plus, those who typically experienced sensitivities were relieved to discover that this mask did not trigger irritation. 

As a result of their positive experience and results, Trial Team members were excited to continue including this product in their skin care routine at the conclusion of the trial.

You say:

“It’s intensely nourishing and absorbed into the skin overnight working its magic! In the morning, I’d wash the mask off as part of my usual cleansing routine. My skin looked well moisturised, nourished and restored the suppleness.” – Tigerlily

“My skin is dry and I’ve been using this about 2x a week over the past 5 weeks and I love waking up to soft, glowing, hydrated skin. The cream is so emollient and when you wash your face in the morning it just feels divine.” – Maggieball

“ My skin is sensitive in addition to being dry and I did’nt experience any irritation using this. It sank into my skin well and did’nt leave it feeling coated or congested.” – Lisa359

“This mask is worth its price. The formula is perfect, it’s a cream but sits like a gel so it’s not heavy and nice to use in hot weather (important for me with sleep masks). This is perfect to use for a quick boost before putting on makeup but you will get the most out of it if you use it before going to sleep and wash it off in the morning.” – Gigiandbobbi

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  1. What a amazing trial! Great reviews I love a good sleeping mask especially times when I cannot be bothered using a sheet mask or a cream one that has to be rinsed off after a certain about of time.

    I miss the forum posts Eleni would start for all of the trials and the forum would be a buzz and full of excitement.

  2. My main concern was having a dirty pillow afterwards when I was reading about these sleep in face masks. It’s so nice to read that it soaks into your skin and that’s not an issue.

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