The Beauty Product Gwyneth Paltrow “Doubled Down” On During The Pandemic

The Beauty Product Gwyneth Paltrow “Doubled Down” On During The Pandemic

Although her previous tips and tricks have been a little controversial (who remembers the “only apply SPF to the high points of your face” saga?), Gywneth Paltrow still manages to command our attention when discussing her skin care routine

And this time she’s back to launch the latest product into Goop’s skin care line, the GOOPGLOW Cloudberry Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser (which we can only assume is on its way to MECCA stores as we speak). 

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, the actress called her newest formulation the “perfect morning treatment” because of its gentle, brightening, smoothing properties. 

The less-abrasive version of her other exfoliating products has been targeted to suit a younger demographic as Gwyneth explained: “It’s a jelly, the way I would imagine jelly is sort of fun and young.” 

And who better to lend a hand in the product development process than her daughter Apple?  “I would ask her, ‘What do you think? Should it be more or less foaming?’ She was really helpful.”

While the new exfoliating cleanser may be well suited for a younger audience, it still drew its inspiration from Gwyneth herself.  As a combination of “[not having] the option to get a microdermabrasion at the salon” and “looking at myself all day on Zoom”, Gwyneth “doubled down” on home exfoliators as a way to enhance her glow with minimal makeup. 

“I really focused on getting healthy-looking skin. I made sure I was really hydrated, and then when I was exfoliating, I followed up with a face oil or something moisturising for a healthy glow. That way, I didn’t have to do a whole makeup routine just get on a Zoom call,” she said.

Despite relying on her lineup of skin care products to maintain her radiant complexion, Gwyenth’s beauty philosophy is all about what’s happening on the inside. “It’s what you eat, how much water you drink, how you are to yourself — your thoughts and words.” So as you exfoliate tonight, make sure to whisper sweet nothings to yourself.

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Did your skin care routine change during the pandemic? If so, how?

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  1. I have probably increased the number of products over the last few months. I have finally written a beauty schedule of what to do on each week of the month:
    e.g. Mani/Pedi; Hair Masque; Face Mask.

  2. I’ve got a gel based exfoliator (brand escapes me), and I love it. It is by far the best non scrub, non acid exfoliator and works like a treat. My skin feels amazing afterwards and my moisturisers really soak in.

  3. When I was working from home I didn’t wear make up and I had to use more clay face masks from wearing face masks when I went out. Onlye going out for work, groceries and to visit my parents. Nothing social or browsing the shops. Getting bored but at least I haven’t had covid yet.

  4. I will never buy Goop. I am not lining the pockets of this weirdo. Her views on sunscreen alone are rubbish. This is why you have bad skin, Gywneth. I used to love her as an actress when she was much younger but now her true self is out to play and it is irresponsible how much misinformation she spreads on her platforms.

  5. Lately I’ve been exfoliating with spent coffee grinds – very gently – once a week and they work very well (no cost and less waste!). GloopGlow is $60! That’s super expensive.

  6. My skin care & hair routine definitely changed. I was given time back again i made some home remedies but also used a lot hair masks and tried new things which have worked out really well for me so i continue to do it and make time for it

  7. Anything Gwennie recommends I will steer clear of. She is no expert on skin, she proved that in videos on YouTube where she made an absolute fool of herself.

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