PSA: Gwen Stefani is just as gorgeous without makeup

PSA: Gwen Stefani is just as gorgeous without makeup

You know that game where someone gives you a name and you have to shoot off the first thing that comes to mind when you think of them? Well for Gwen Stefani, our immediate response would be ‘red lips’.

Though honestly ‘winged liner’ or ‘flawless foundation’ wouldn’t be far behind; if there’s one thing Gwen can do (besides sing circles around most, of course) it’s rock a full face of glam.

But while she no doubt (pun intended) has a great foundation and concealer combo on her side, we have our suspicions that her skin beneath the base is just as gorgeous. And that her features are stunning even without lashings of mascara and lipstick.

So what does Gwen look like after her evening cleanse? Or when she wakes up fresh-faced? We decided to find out. Here are the makeup-free shots she’s shared with us…

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That complexion is clearer than any sky we’ve ever seen! This is a fresh-skinned serve if we’ve ever seen one.

Okay, sure, she was technically in the process of putting her face on here,  but her pre-glam look is gorgeous nonetheless.

She might have a touch of mascara and balm on, but for our glam girl Gwen no-makeup makeup is practically no makeup by comparison anyway.

Main image credit: Getty Images

Do you love Gwen’s signature glam look? Or love to see her fresh-faced? Or both?

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