Green peel reaction

Green peel reaction

Q) “It’s been two weeks since I had a green peel and my face is terrible – I have two really bad patches just around the eye / cheekbone and in the middle of my cheek that are really reddy-brown and look terrible. Will it get better? The clinic where I had it done says it will take up to six weeks for the skin to clear and she has me go under a red and green light daily for twenty minutes. I’m getting very worried though and can’t go anywhere without concealer – help!” – beauty1234, QLD

A) “Because of the nature of the exfoliation treatment you have received, it isn’t uncommon, as per the advice from the centre, that it will take some time for the skin to repair, but don’t worry, it will repair.

During this time it is essential that you don’t perform any exfoliation treatments, you avoid artificial fragrance on the skin, avoid the sun and wear a complete sun block to help prevent hypersensitivity or pigmentation.

Only apply very calming anti inflammatories to your skin during this time, colloidal oatmeal in a cleanser or a mask is fantastic option. Try Dermalogica Clean Bar. If you feel the skin is really not improving day by day then I would advise you go to your doctor or dermatologist.”

–  Emma Hobson, International Dermal Institute

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