Wishing you a gorgeous New Year!

Wishing you a gorgeous New Year!

As we tick-tock toward 2008, Bh can’t help but take time out from pre-party pampering (endurance events are all about the prep) to flick our silken tresses over our shoulders and look back at the year that was. With a smile.

Since the new-look beautyheaven burst online in October, we’ve grown from pretty new girl on the block to glamazon. And we’ve got you to thank sincerely…

It was a transformation to make even the new version of Kate Holmes look frumpy, but our makeover gave us more than a pretty homepage. Within only months of our launch, The Australian newspaper published a list of ‘The Top Ten Beauty Websites’*, and guess which was the only Australian site not owned or sponsored by a beauty company to make the cut… Yep, that’s absolutely right, glamouristas!

So to all the goddesses we call Bh members and regular readers, we love you more than a limited edition designer compact (it’s unspeakable how much) for helping make beautyheaven such a gorgeous place to be. Thank you! To new arrivals, welcome – you’re right on cue. 2008 is going to gleam even more brightly.

And to all we wish a glamorous and glossy New Year’s Eve! May your chic and shiny blow-dry bounce deep into the tiny hours, your lippie last long after that strike-of-midnight smooch and you rise and shine tomorrow knowing 2008 will be your most fabulous year yet.

I’ll be back in Bh on January 2 (a girl needs her post-party beauty sleep), but if I can leave you with a parting thought for the year, let it be this: it’s hard to hobble glamorously. With that in mind, I asked reflexology and massage guru Susie Prichard-Casey how our soles can survive the longest night of the year in impossible heels. Clue up now. You may worship me for it tomorrow morning.

Happy New Year!

With love and long-last lipstick,

* Week ending December 1, 2007. Published in The Australian, December 6, 2007.

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