Go go gadgets – page 3

Go go gadgets – page 3

Sometimes, life is down right difficult. That’s why we need tools to help us through – tools like the almighty dishwasher, that has halved our washing-up time (and changed our lives). Now, beauty products come in all sorts of nifty forms, from the time saving, to the hassle free and the just plain cool to use.
So lie back, put your feet up and be exposed to the new generation of gadgets, available on a counter near you. 

VS For Men I-Trim™ Stubble Facial Trimmer VS7855A

This all-in-one men’s facial trimmer gives men the chance to style their stubble. Whether it’s a short, shadow effect, longer designer stubble or a stronger rugged look, they can all be achieved with effortless ease. This wonder tool features 30 precision cutting length settings and a motorised all-in-one comb guide that allows for precise trimming of all facial hair styles and lengths. Oh la la – the perfect tool for faking a five o’clock shadow! 

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