If 2020 stole your glow, here are 3 non-invasive treatments to help get it back


Lifeless, dull, and stressed complexions are almost a given after what has been, quite frankly, a sh*t show of a year. But as we near the finish line, we think a fast-tracked summer glow is the exact pick-me-up we all deserve. 

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So if your skin is wearing your stress like a giant look-at-me-I’m-exhausted sign, it’s time to turn it around. Here are three glow-giving treatments that will help you get there… 


For a complete overhaul of a dull and dehydrated complexion, this painless exfoliating treatment works like a gentle vacuum to remove the superficial layer of dead skin cells. Stimulating collagen (link) production as a result, expect to be left with a luminous, soft and healthy face.

Also recommended for people with congestion and mild acne, the non-invasive treatment will help to unclog pores, eliminating trapped bacteria and oil for clearer skin and with it, more confidence to go makeup-free this summer.

If you’re interested in microdermabrasion treatments, you’ll find them at most laser or skin clinics around Australia, including Laser Clinics Australia and The Parlour Room. 

LED Light Therapy

Don’t let a travel ban stop you from attaining vacation skin. LED treatments–otherwise known as ‘the holiday glow treatment’–use non-invasive LED light therapy to deeply penetrate into the cells, helping to stimulate accelerated healing, which in turn works to fight active acne and rosacea. 

The result? Rejuvenated skin, improved pigmentation and a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles with no downtime. 

If you’re looking to try this out, Laser Clinics Australia offers a blue and yellow light  treatments while Endota Spa offers a “New Age Light Therapy”. Or, if you’d prefer to stay within the comfort of your four walls, there are a few at-home variations we recommend: FOREO UFO 2, Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware Pro ($696, Mecca)


If your skin is doing everything but behaving, a couple of Kleresca sessions might be the missing piece of the acne and flawed complexion puzzle.

Using a light conversion system, this treatment is designed to kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce any remaining scarring.

Working to stimulate the skin’s repair mechanisms, Kleresca treated skin has the ability to produce up to a 400 per cent increase in collagen production.

In a perfect world, a daily dip in the ocean would be our one-way ticket to improved skin quality, smaller pores, and eliminating fine lines, but for the next best thing, we recommend a Kleresca treatment; available at Laser Clinics Australia

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  1. I’ve done first. It’s ok. But not better than regular AHA acid masks I do at home, acid serum used at night and great hydration. Other two do not need and will not try.

  2. Ive had Microdermabrasion which I was a little disappointed with. I mean it was ok for my skin but I missed the relaxation of a facial. I think its the relaxation and indulgence that I really love.

  3. I have a Foreo ufo but it hasn’t made a big difference to my skin, I also don’t think I need microdermabrasion due to the products I use at home, and the last option is not relevant to my skintype.

  4. This is the first time I have heard of Kleresca sounds interesting. I have however had many microdermabrasions and LED light therapy sessions and some combined which was amazing.

  5. I have Dr Dennis Gross eye mask
    I have a microdermabrasion unit
    I find you get better results from the skincare you use, unless you have a specific skin issue needing tackling.
    For my best glow up, but it invasive, I like microneedling with some awesome serums or tretinoin best for giving me a glow a day or two later, and it lasts longer.

  6. As soon as I hit 50, I felt I needed a facial pick me up and some glow back in my skin. I tried microdermabrasion accompanied with Oxygen and BOOM! Glow back!! Bought a few packages from the Results Laser Clinic as they were at HALF PRICE and enjoy treatments every month to two months. Always buy when on special. Also love the LED light treatments that I purchased a mask for home. I get complimented that my skin looks amazing and glowing and no-one ever guesses my age. Try also the Chemical peels. AMAZING! Love trying their treatments.

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