The award-winning beauty products that’ll get your through isolation

The award-winning beauty products that’ll get your through isolation

This year, our 2020 Glosscars unveiled some seriously top-notch beauty products.

So if you’re looking to stock up some self care treats, be sure to let the pink stickers guide you to some guaranteed gems.

But if you ask us, there’s three super stand-outs from this year’s awards that’ll help get you through these tough isolation times, and they’re all available at the supermarket or your local Priceline. 

What. A. Score.

From the shampoo that’ll banish brassy tones, to a total glow-getter and all-round skin refresher, here are the Glosscar winners that should be top of your ‘essentials’ shopping list.

Skin Physics OXYGEN-C Hydrating Vitamin C Toner

Best New Toner

Now is the time to up your daily dose of vitamin C. This guy is also a super hydrator, so a dewy glow is bound to be yours.

The spray comes out as a nice fine mist and dispenses quite easily which is fantastic. I loved the scent of the spray, it was very clean and refreshing and it immediately made my skin feel moist and plump.” – bh member chocolatelover

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John Frieda Violet Crush Purple Shampoo for Blondes

Best New Shampoo

Self-isolation is a tough time for many, but an even tougher time for blondes. But with this in your shower, brassy tones will be kept at bay until your next (eventual) salon appointment.

I absolutely love this shampoo! It is the perfect purple shampoo for natural or dyed blondes. The product is quite concentrated so you only need a little bit- 10 cent coin worth, and it lathers well. My hair feels soft and smells amazing!” – bh member ACK1987

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WaterWipes Facial Wipes

Best New Makeup Remover

Whether you’re wearing makeup in isolation or not, cleansing at the end of the day is a must. And no matter how tired your feeling, these wipes make a fresh, clean face a cinch.

“I love that the WaterWipes only have three ingredients, are suitable for sensitive skin and are vegan. The wipes themselves are slightly ribbed and feel smooth on the skin, being large enough to clean the whole face and neck. They have no smell and feel very light and refreshing on the skin.” bh member Neverland.

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Main image credit: @tashoakley Have you tried any of these award-winning products? What treats are helping you get through isolation?

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  1. I love the Water Wipes too. Very gentle and won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. I got a free sample compliments of Flybuys several months ago, and I’ve continued to repurchase since.

  2. The toner would be great for summer, but it's getting cooler now and with all the hand washing and sanitiser use my hands are like sandpaper. I think my go-to indulgence now will be hand cream.

  3. Atm really having fun with some acid serum, peel/scrub, nuface and a great face mist with it. Hair: loving fanola vegan no yellow duo and de lorenzo hair duo. Body: diy coffee scrub and etique butter bar.

  4. I do like the toner but I am not sure it does that much for my skin, I've just been using it more like a spritz than anything.

    I'm all about pampering in isolation, so I've been doin weekly face masks (usually sheet masks) and been moisturising a lot and still using SPF as I've been going for runs, but today I cracked a clay mask of Omorovoicza (deep cleansing) and I am in total loveeee. So, I will definitely be using that one 1-2 a week till I run out as it's the bomb.

  5. Haven't tried any of these products but absolutely love Skin Physics Vitamin C mask. Self-care is always a priority for me, so getting through my various products I've purchased has been my daily isolation routine. I have so many to try so I don't want to go back to work anytime soon!

  6. The JF violet crush shampoo was continuously disappearing from my shower recess as my daughter was in love with this stuff. It's all gone now so i'll need to buy some more. I'll have to buy her own bottle for her own shower I think!!

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