6 Glosscars nominees you need to know about

6 Glosscars nominees you need to know about

In what is arguably the most prestigious award ceremony of the year, the 2021 Glosscars have arrived.

Championing the latest and greatest in beauty, the Glosscar Awards celebrate products released over the last twelve months with categories ranging from Best New Face Oil to Best New Hair Treatment. 

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As we were unable to roll out the bh blue carpet and host a face-to-face event this year, 100 of our VIP members received the 2021 Glosscars Trial Box instead.

Having trialled and reviewed six of our fabulous nominees, here is what our most trusted members had to say about some of the beauty products up for an award this year…

OGX Extra Strength Hydrate & Repair Argan Oil of Morocco Hydrate Mask

We say: Treat yourself to this salon-quality hair mask from the comfort of your own home. Within minutes, bid farewell to dry, damaged and brittle locks with OGX’s latest formula that’s been infused with hydrating argan oil of Morocco and strength building silk proteins.

You say: “When you open the lid, you are greeted with the heavenly aroma of a luxuriously thick cream that is easy to apply. The thick consistency makes it easier for the mask to stay on my hair for a few minutes until I wash it off.” – blu, read more reviews here…

Star rating: 4*


Eimele Metabolism Plus Coffee

We say: Level up your morning latte with Eimele’s vitamin-rich Metabolism Plus Coffee. These convenient pre-portioned sachets simply require a splash of water and you are on your way to enjoying an energy and metabolism boost.

You say: “This has stopped me snacking on sugary snacks between meals and I feel like my metabolism is slightly improved. I am still working on getting more water in as well, which really helps, especially when drunk slightly hot and with lemon or lime juice which is great for cleansing.” – Candyfairy, read more reviews…

Star rating: 4*


Nature’s Way Beauty Rosehip + Collagen Gummies

We say: Meet your daily dose of collagen and vitamin C in the form of pink, delicious, rosehip oil infused gummies. These plant-based, antioxidant-rich beauty bites protect skin cells from free radical damage and promote the support of connective tissue structure and function.

You say: “I have noticed the biggest difference in the elasticity of my skin and hair. The smile lines around my mouth have soften and overall my skin looks brighter and more plump. Also the skin is more tighter.” – nidhi1, read more reviews…

Star rating: 3.5*



BOOST LAB 2-D Hyaluronic Acid Hydro BOOST

We say: Leave skin silky smooth and fight the signs of dry, dull and irritated skin with BOOST LAB’s dermatologically-tested facial serum. Formulated with a hydrolysed hyaluronic acid, treat yourself to a quick dose of intense hydration.

You say: “After using the serum, my skin is left feeling smooth and soft. After continued use over a couple of weeks, my skin is definitely looking healthier and more hydrated. It has a nice glow to it and I’m very pleased with how my complexion is looking. The serum suits my combination skin very well; I never had any skin congestion issues while using the serum.” – aleksandra, read more reviews….

Star rating: 4.5*


Glow Lab Rosehip Oil +Plus

We say: If you want a little more out of your rosehip oil, Glow Lab has incorporated vitamin C and hyaluronic acid for a brighter, more radiant complexion.

You say: “It gives a wonderful glow and keeps my skin plump and nourished, stopping it from feeling dry.” – You beauty, read more reviews…/skin-care/moisturisers/product/rosehip-oil-plus

Star rating: 4.5*



Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara

We say: Instantly manage unwelcome greys with Schwarzkopf’s Hair Mascara. The easy-to-use precise applicator leaves a matte, natural-looking colour that provides even coverage at the roots that will last until your next hair wash. 

You say: “I haven’t had my roots coloured in ages so it’s quite noticeable. This product does the best job at covering up my greys and helping them blend into the rest of my hair at a more youthful looking shade! I have this in the colour “Dark Blonde” and it’s perfect!” – Candyfairyread more reviews…

Star rating: 4*


Who are you hoping to see take home a prize this year?

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  1. While I wasn’t lucky enough to be one of the trial team recipients, I did enjoy reading the discussion about the products by those who were. Thanks BH and all the testers for making this happen, such valuable insights.

  2. This was an amazing trial – so much fun. The Glowlab rosehip oil was probably my favourite of all the products – it's definitely the best rosehip oil I've used (and I love rosehip oil!).

  3. I haven't tried any of these although I've tried other products from all the brands. Sounds like a great trial to have been involved in, was fun (and interesting) to read all the reviews, especially those where there was a big difference in opinion.

  4. I'm another very grateful and appreciative member to have received the Glosscars Pack. I think the two standouts were the hair mascara and the coffee. If only the coffee wasn't soooo expensive.

  5. Wow, 100 of us! Thank you BH!
    Interesting observation. We have habits. New things, new experiences. Took me a while to get used to new coffee (as I never drink instant) and oil didn't want to absorb. Now I got a hang of them all…and enjoy! Love the simplicity of HA serum, my skin loves it too.

  6. My three big loves were the Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara (so convenient and works so well to cover pesky greys), the OGX Oil of Morocco Hair Mask (this is amazing for my hair!!) and the Glow Lab Rosehip Oil Plus. If I had to pick just the one it would be the OGX Hair Mask!

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