G’day USA: love Jen.

G’day USA: love Jen.

Could a more annoyingly pretty flag be waved for Australia at the recent G’day USA pre-Golden Globes bash? We think not.
This golden girl sure made a mark for the Aussies (even more than Nicole and Keith Urban did in their, erm… serenade to Simon Baker), as she strutted her stuff down the catwalk in front of some of the finest in film.

Get Golden Globes gorgeous and mimic Hawko’s shimmery au natural glow (which was completely bang on trend by the way – check the GG’s make-up round-up here if you don’t believe me) with a base created by Bioelements Healthy Glow Face Tint. Next, bronze it up using COVERGIRL TRUBlend Luminous Bronzer, which is sure to help you deliver authentic Aussie radiance.

Gold shimmer is used to cleverly accentuate Hawko’s bright blue peepers – no doubt the work of Red Earth Eye’N Glow in Golden Eye. (Read up on what shadows you should be wearing for your eye colour, here.)
Round off this sun-kissed make-up masterpiece with a few lashings of a super black mascara, (COVERGIRL VolumeExact Waterproof Mascara is more than up to par) and a generous helping of Evodia Pink Frangipani Shimmering Lip Gloss. Then get ready to hit the red carpet!

What is your favourite way to show you’re an Australian?

Speaking of models, in upcoming weeks, we’ll be grabbing a chat with supermodel Cindy Crawford, so if you have any questions you’d like answered – simply post them here

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