Garnier Tissue Masks

Garnier Tissue Masks



Fifty women of any age with any skin type. 



of members found their skin looked refreshed after using Garnier Hydrabomb and Fresh Mix Tissue Masks


of members found their skin felt hydrated after using Garnier Hydrabomb and Fresh Mix Tissue Mask


of members liked the technology of being able to freshly mix the contents to prepare a mask when they wanted to use it.


of members would recommend Garnier Tissue Masks to friends and family.

beautyheaven says…

, The Garnier Hydrabomb and Fresh Mix Tissue Masks are serum drenched sheet masks that work to hydrate and energize skin. The range of masks that were trialled include the Fresh-Mix Hyaluronic Shot Tissue Mask, Fresh-Mix Vitamin C Shot Tissue Mask,  Skin Active Pure Charcoal Tissue Mask with Black Algae and the Hydra Bomb Ultra Hydrating Glow Boosting Tissue Mask. The Fresh Mix Tissue Masks each come with a separated segment of serum (such a hyaluronic acid or vitamin c) that can be mixed with the mask to deliver a freshly activated formula that delivers intense results. The Hydrabomb and Pure Charcoal Masks come pre-packaged in serum. Triallers loved the travel-friendly nature of the masks and the fact they need only be applied for 15 minutes. They enjoyed the large size of the masks and mentioned that the smell was pleasant, without being overwhelming. Many triallers mentioned that they enjoyed the concept of mixing the serum with the mask when ready to use, however a few mentioned that they found it fiddly or messy and felt the amount of serum in the tube was more than could be used with the mask itself. Overall triallers saw great results from the masks, mentioning they felt their skin was more even toned, more hydrated, brighter and cited a reduction in the appearance of pore size. They loved that it provided their skin a targeted boost of active ingredients, without having to leave the house and that they would recommend it to their family and friends. *Based on a survey of 50 beautyheaven Trial Team members. The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Garnier for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial. ReviewStartsHere [Review: Best results at home ] [Quote: The packaging is easy to follow, compact that it can fit in your travel bag if you like. I left the mask on for about 15minutes, I didn’t find any sensation on the skin, or too much of an overwhelming smell. After the fifteen minutes remove the masks and pat dry. The next day the results had started to show, my skin felt smoother, pores appeared smaller, skin tone more even. I would recommend this product and will use it again. Same results as the salon for a fraction of the price.] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: Very hydrating and nourishing ] [Quote: This mask was the first that I had to mix in the solution and the sheet mask. The instructions were easy to follow and within a minute or two the solution had covered the mask and was ready to apply to my face. The sheet mask was easy to apply and it fit my face shape well. There was quite a bit of solution left after I had applied it to my face however I just used it as a serum the next few nights which was a bonus! After having the mask on for 15 minutes, my face felt hydrated and very nourished. I had just spent a day at the beach so this was very cooling on my skin. It was the perfect treat after a day out in the sun.] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: Possibly my favourite face mask] [Quote: I was not too familiar with incorporating vitamin C into my skin care regime before this product, but I will definitely be sticking with it now! This mask has amazing instant and long lasting effects – more so than any other mask I’ve ever used. It left my skin radiant, hydrated, nourished, and plump, and I noticed that my skin appeared to be in better condition for days after using the mask despite only using my normal skin care routine otherwise. The mask is also easy to use. This mask is amongst Garnier’s first range of mixing masks, meaning it comes with an uncoated absorbent sheet mask and the serum separately. When ready to use the mask, you simply follow the instructions to mix the two together. Although I don’t see any particular benefit to doing this, I have no problem with it at all and it makes the experience a little more hands on which is nice! The product also comes with a lot of serum – so much so that there is plenty remaining even after the mask is saturated. This is nice as you can coat your neck as well with the serum, but even then, I found there was plenty left over. It might be worth collecting the left over serum into a separate container and applying it as a serum/mask later.] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: Vitamin C skin boost. ] [Quote: The masks has high absorbing properties, so holds the gel-like serum perfectly. It feels lovely, cool and refreshing on the skin. The mask, fits really well and smells nice and fruity too. After removing the mask, I massaged the remaining serum into my face and décolletage. There was even some serum still left in the packaging that I applied before going to bed later that evening. I do enjoy the concept of mixing the formula when you want it, as I’ve said before, a bit gimmicky, and fun but why not? This really worked well for me. I felt this mask did as it claims, it totally energised and illuminated my skin, and I felt the benefit for several days afterwards. ] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: Great, affordable product.] [Quote: It is cooling and soothing and perfect for just putting your feet up for that 15-20 minutes and enjoying the process. The results were instantaneous and the skin had that dewy, smooth finish upon taking it off. Just to quickly mention I used it after two consecutive days at the beach! I made sure i massaged the remaining liquid into my skin and left it on in hopes of better result. I really enjoyed using this mask and appreciate the outcome. So glad I could test it and I am sure I will add it to my beauty routine!] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: Glow for days] [Quote: I was pleasantly surprised I saw the extra glow and the softening of my pores after using this mask. It was a nice feeling and as I said in a previous review another squeaky clean feeling but this time there was a fresh glow to my face and there was for another 1-2 days after. I did it on a Friday night this time and I did not wear make up all weekend so it really made my skin feel and look great. This one I will defiantly be using more than the other ones as it reacted the best with my skin and felt smooth after. The smell was also nice.] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: So pleased there’s a pore refining mask catered to dry skin!] [Quote: After applying the mask and waiting the recommended 15 minutes, I found my skin to be plump and hydrated, and my pores more refined and less noticeable. Although I didn’t find my blackheads completely gone, but I could still see a noticeable difference. My increased hydration levels also seemed seemed to last for a few hours.] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: Perfect for clogged pores] [Quote: The sheet was sturdy and there was so much serum in the packet! It smelt super nice. After 15 minutes, my skin felt so soft and super hydrated. I noticed that my pores looked a little bit smaller and i felt like my skin was fresh, as if it had truly drawn out the impurities. Big pores are a big insecurity of mine so i this is a mask I am really keen on adding to my routine. The best bit was, even though it wasn’t a specifically hydrating mask, I still felt hydrated with my dry skin.] ReviewEndsHere

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