Food for healthy hair


Dull, limp hair is uninspiring at best.
Shiny, voluminous hair can make you feel like a total sex siren and want to exploit every opportunity possible to stand in front of the air-conditioning unit while looking sultry. Unfortunately, no amount of products can make up for a diet that is lacking in vital nutrients for healthy hair. So if you want to be shiny, happy people, you need to start by eating these foods…

Green veges are the perfect food for hair, they’re rich in vitamins A and C, which are both vital in the production of hair sebum, your body’s natural hair conditioner. Stock up on broccoli, spinach and dark lettuce leaves.

A health all-rounder, salmon is packed with omega 3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B-12 and iron – all fantastic vitamins and nutrients for supporting string, healthy hair.

Beans such as legumes and kidney beans are a powerful source of zinc, iron and biotin. A lack of these nutrients can lead to brittle hair, so get your locks growing long and strong by aiming to eat three or more serves a week (They’re super-yummy in nachos).

One of the best protein sources around, a diet rich in eggs will promote strong, resilient hair so fry some up for breakfast or scramble some over toast for lunch and get your fix today.

Brazil nuts
Besides the fact that Brazil nuts are nature’s immune boosting warriors, they’re also a top choice of snack because their high levels of selenium have been proven to improve overall scalp health.

Not just for the Easter bunny, carrots are the perfect all-purpose healthy hair fix. Rich in vitamin A, carrots help to give you healthy, shiny hair, so pop some in your lunchbox for a hair healthy snack.

Do you eat any of these foods? What do you do to improve the condition of your hair from the inside, out?

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