Five of the best hydrating eye creams


I’ve done a bit of snooping around the forums lately, beauties, and I’ve discovered this: more than a few of you are concerned about preventative eye creams. You’re not suffering from deep wrinkles just yet, but you’re finding the area dry, a little lifeless and somewhat dehydrated. And you’re not happy.

Firstly, I need to stress the importance of using an eye cream – the area is outrageously delicate and thin, and therefore requires special attention – and I’m delighted to hear most of you are applying one twice a day. You’ll be thankful you did in the years to come, trust me.

Secondly, instead of rattling off the eye creams that are adored by yours truly, I’ve rounded up five of the best hydrating eye creams as loved by you. Each one boosts moisture levels to help target fine lines, crepiness and dehydration. Just what you desperately need, huh?

So, let’s hand it over to you, our dear members, and see what you have to stay about these hydrating eye cream goodies…

MOISTURE-BOOSTING EYE CREAM #1: Bellamer Botanical Skin Care Eye Treatment Balm

“Wow!!!! This is the most amazing eye balm I’ve come across… Apart from the eye balm lasting me for ages, as only a little bit is needed to apply on the entire eye area, it is so hydrating and soothing on my eyes. My wrinkles around my eyes look immediately diminished upon application, my entire eye area looks like it did 15 years ago.” – iluvfacialz. Read more…

MOISTURE-BOOSTING EYE CREAM #2:Sukin Antioxidant Eye Serum

“I love this eye cream. It absorbs easily and doesn’t make my eyes itchy. I have seen an improvement in fine lines around my eye area, and will continue to use this every day!” – Betelgeuse. Read more…

MOISTURE-BOOSTING EYE CREAM #3: Ultraceuticals Ultra Moisturiser Eye Cream

“I was extremely impressed with this cream. I found after 2 weeks of regular use that the skin under my eye feels firmer and hydrated with a reduction in the fine lines. I also found that this cream was easily absorbed into my skin making it perfect for use after cleansing and before the application of makeup.” – Trudz. Read more…

MOISTURE-BOOSTING EYE CREAM #4: Yes To Carrots Moisturising Eye Cream

“You get SOOO much product, especially since it’s an eye cream… It’s very, very hydrating, I have very dry skin around my eyes and this fixes it. It also helps with fine lines under my eyes.” – Bonom. Read more…

MOISTURE-BOOSTING EYE CREAM #5: Ella Bache Special Eye Crème

OK, OK. So I promised I’d leave the review writing to you guys, but I couldn’t resist jumping in when it comes to this eye cream. I’ve been using this absolute gem on and off since I was around 18, and each time I go back to it, I wonder why I ever drifted from it in the first place. It’s the richest, most luxurious eye cream I’ve ever tried, and just like every other Ella Bache product, it leaves my skin hydrated, glowy and healthy-looking. In fact, I believe this particular product has kept those mid-twenties fine lines at bay longer than nature ever intended. ‘nuff said.Read more…

Have you tried any of these hydrating eye creams? Does your eye area suffer from dehydration? How do you keep fine eye lines and dehydration at bay?

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

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