Five common beauty problems solved

Five common beauty problems solved

Everyone has a beauty issue that needs attention. Everyone. It might just be a small one, like chipped nail polish, or it might be a big one, like eczema that continues to flare up leaving you in an agitated, itchy mess.

The good news is this: loads of beauty brands on the market today don’t want to help you solve just one such issue – they want to solve a number of your concerns. One such brand is Kiehl’s, and today, this brand is solving not one, not two, but five commonly occurring beauty dilemmas…

If you want… to fade pesky pigmentation
Try this:
Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

Did you know that a clear complexion (even with loads of wrinkles) looks years younger than a face filled with pigmentation? True story! Filled with vitamin C, this hard-working serum not only diminishes the sun spots already on your face, but prevents new ones from forming, too. Just be sure to slip, slop, slap every day, as pigmentation-clearing products can make your skin a little more sensitive to the sun.

If you want… super-thick, super-high hair
Try: Kiehl’s Volumiser

As a lady blessed with fine, flat hair, I understand the need for volume; the desperation for height, the hunger for body. It’s a life-long struggle, really. This thickening spray certainly does impress, though. It gives lift and shape at the roots where you desperately need it, and has a long lasting hold. And just to bring something a little extra to the table, it contains soybean and sesame oil to help soften your dry, brittle ends as well.

If you want… your man to age gracefully
Try:Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Facial Fuel

Men do not care about ageing as much as we women do. This we know. However, the best way to ensure your man’s skin stays youthful for longer is to stock a moisturiser in the bathroom that’s housed in manly packaging. This non-oily lotion fits the bill, and also contains a solid dose of vitamins to improve your man’s skin texture and hydration levels, and other key ingredients to improve his skin barrier to prevent further dehydration.

If you want… to smell good. Real good.
Try:Kiehl’s MUSK EDT Spray

Men and women are known to enjoy a musky juice, and this fragrance doesn’t discriminate against either sex – it’s designed for both. Filled with a delicious mix of the fresh citrusy notes of bergamot nectar and orange blossom, it follows up with a soft floral hit of rose, lily, ylang ylang and neroli. And, of course, it dries down to a sensual and warming finish of musk mixed with the notes of tonka bean and white patchouli. Simply put, it’s divine.

If you want… a natural, radiant complexion
Try:Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream

The world has officially gone bonkers for BB creams, and I for one cannot live without them. This one in particular is not only a goodie because of its luminous coverage, but it contains some wonderful skin-loving ingredients, too. Its high dosage of vitamin C will help reduce pigmentation and skin discolorations, and its amino-acid coated mineral pigments will help you conceal pesky imperfections. It also contains an SPF 30, which is a brilliant bonus.

What beauty issues do you have? Do you suffer from any of the above concerns? And are you keen to try out any of these Kiehl’s products?

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