Trivia time

Trivia time

Bet you can’t guess what APIVITA’s number one product is? Honestly, I seriously bet you can’t…

I know your beady eyes will be scanning the page for the answer so I may as well get it over and done with,APIVITA’s number one selling product worldwide is, drum roll please, um a feminine hygiene product called APIVITA Multi-Gyn Cleanser. Not expecting that one, were you?

Me neither to be honest. And, yes I know it’s not au fait to talk about ‘women’s issues’ in quite such a public forum but it seems that the one thing nobody talks about, everyone actually buys. So here’s a round-up of some female-friendly buys:

APIVITA Multi-Gyn Cleanser is a natural, preservative-free cleansing gel for, ahem, down there. It includes tea tree, propolis and aloe and doesn’t disrupt the natural ‘workings’ so worry not.

Femfresh Feminine Wipes are lightly moistened with a gentle pH balanced lotion to cleanse, freshen and deodorise so you’re kept fresh and confident all day long.

Summer’s Eve Feminine Powder Sensitive Skin gently cools and refreshes. The micro-fine cornstarch absorbs 25 times more moisture than talc and it contains a deodorant to help neutralize any odours.

Femfresh Feminine Deodorant is delicately fragranced and specifically formulated for everyday intimate use. A girl’s best friend when it’s that time of the month.

What’s your number one product?

Ps. Don’t forget to tune in and chat to Mia this afternoon. And, next week, we’re having our very own EOFYS – well more clear out, than sale – so there will be heaps and heaps of surprise goodies up for grabs. Be sure to tune in and tell all your friends… it’s going to be BIG!

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