7 Cleansing Devices For Your Clearest, Freshest Face Ever

7 Cleansing Devices For Your Clearest, Freshest Face Ever

Are you ready to brush up on brushes? Not the kinds you’re thinking of. Facial cleansing brushes! These handy devices have been around for a few years now, but with new technology cropping up constantly, they just keep on getting better! 

But what exactly are they? Cleansing devices are here to take over from the humble face washer. With deep pore-cleansing technologies and high-tech features like multiple speeds and vibrations, these clever cleansing devices can just do a better job (sorry hands). 

Paired with our all time fave cleansers, these devices are set to leave your skin brighter, cleaner and way more radiant than before…

2024’s Top 3 Cleansing Devices 

  1. FOREO LUNA 3 plus for Sensitive Skin, $499, Foreo 
  2. Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System, $34.54, Catch
  3. Benefit Pore Care Cleansing Wand, $36, Myer

Facial Cleansing Brush

FOREO LUNA 3 plus for Sensitive Skin

from $499 at Foreo 

We say: The Foreo brand is quite possibly the top-selling cleansing device dare we say of all time? Getting celeb love from the likes of Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and even Venus Williams, the Foreo range is the go-to for all your deep pore cleansing needs. This lightweight sensitive skin-friendly brush features a (grocery length) list of unique features that make it one of the top cleansing options.

First up?, it’s ability to connect to an app for guided routines, and of course the whopping 16 available intensities. And while all cleansing brushes work to (hopefully) gently buff away and exfoliate dead skin cells, this seriously soft silicon brush also works with a gentle heat to dilate your pores and work at the impurities trapped deeper within. If that’s not enough for you, the microcurrents the device omits while in use even work to massage and boost circulation, lifting and smoothing skin. Basically it’ll have you saying goodbye to the appearance of fine lines and any pesky impurities…

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Key features:

  • Facial massaging benefits 
  • Gently heats skin to deeper de-clog pores 
  • Gently exfoliates skin
  • 16 intensity options 
  • Microcurrents work to lift and tighten skin 

Available at:

Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System

from $34.54 at Catch

We say: If you’re looking to get your start in the world of cleansing devices but don’t quite know where to look, then we suggest you look no further. Coming in a very handy set, this super easy to use brush comes with its perfect cleansing pair. The gentle exfoliating brush is even totally waterproof, meaning it can become your newest shower buddy. With two-step speed control, this brush (and its cleansing partner) will have your skin primed and ready for your anti-aging skincare routine. 

You say: “I bought this from Chemist Warehouse for $20 after my Clarisonic stopped charging. I’m delighted with this new Olay Regenerist brush. I wasn’t expecting the brush head to be so small but at the end of a long day, this removes my makeup and leaves my face feeling fresh. I wasn’t sure if this was doing the job until I looked at my little white brush covered in makeup. The fact that it’s so cheap in comparison to what I’ve spent on Clarisonic + replacement brush heads is mind blowing. The brush head is very soft and you have a choice of two speeds, it almost feels like tickles on your face so I can’t help but smile while using this.” – LavitaBella

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Key features:

  • 2-step speed control
  • Waterproof (for in-shower usage)
  • Allows for more thorough cleansing

Available at:

Benefit Pore Care Cleansing Wand

from $36 at Myer

We say: If all these electronic pulsating brushes don’t quite sound like your cup of tea, Benefit has you covered. Even though the The Pore Care Cleansing Wand is lacking an electrical current, the design of the massaging cleansing bristles still means you’re getting maximum cleansing benefits. With a spatula-style handle on one end, you’re able to easily scoop up balm cleansers and even face masks without getting your hands messy. Could this self-cleansing brush be our fave new manual addition to our beauty shelves? We think so!

Key features:

  • Manual buffing (non-electronic design)
  • Spatula end design for applying cleanser
  • Double-sided bristle design 

Available at:

Skin Physics DERMASONIC+

From $47.99 at Priceline

We say: This small-but-mighty palm-sized device features two-in-one sonic cleansing capabilities and a third added skin-saving benefit we’ll get to in a min. Working to improve your skin’s texture, it’s a double-sided (think different sized and textured silicone bristles) device that massages your skin, boosting circulation all while clearing pores of oil and build up. And if that multifunctional gift isn’t enough, this cleansing device even features three LED options. The three coloured light-clearing options are; blue light to help clear up blemishes, yellow light for revitalised skin, and the oh-so-popular red light for skin rejuvenation. 

You say: “I have noticed that whenever I am diligent about using this device with a cleanser to wash my face, my skin stays clear from pimples and whiteheads. My pores stay clean and do not have congestion under them. I love how this device remains charged for months and months. It’s travel friendly because of how compact it is. The sonic vibrations help to dislodge impurities from your pores. You can increase the intensity of the vibrations using the buttons on the device. My skin feels so smooth and soft after I use this. It’s affordable and works just like the expensive brand. The bristles and surface stays mould free and it is easy to clean after use.” – MoonlightSak16

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Key features:

  • Different bristle sizes on the one device 
  • Lasts 100 uses between charges 
  • Designed to be able to help sink serums into skin 

Available at:

CurrentBody Clarisonic Mia Smart

from $199 at Current Body 

We say: If you’re anything like us when you think of cleansing devices your mind probably goes back to the OG Clarisonic cleansing brush. And while cleansing devices have changed and grown over the years, this OG form remains one of the best. While Clarisonic as a company may longer exist (RIP Clarisonic) Current Body still sells the skin-transforming brushes. With a myriad of celeb fans (think, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kristen Bell and Cate Blanchett) this device can be fitted with different cleansing heads to target a wide range of skin concerns. With a unique ‘back-and-forth’ movement, the sonic waves work to remove any impurities and buildup within the skin. And the device even connects to an app for even more customisable skin care routine options. 

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Key features:

  • The original cleansing device 
  • Multi-head options available (for different outcomes)
  • Gentle enough for twice-daily use

Available at:

Dr Naomi Clean Freak Cleansing Device

from $169 at Dr Naomi Skin

We say: The Dr Naomi Clean Freak Cleansing Device is here to change the way you look at your cleansing routine. With a gorgeous and functional ergonomic design (that also comes with a handy storage option), you’ll find yourself wanting to reach for it. Are you ready to turn your cleansing routine on its head? This device has a glorious sonic cleansing run-time of five minutes, turning your quick cleanse into a complete ritual. Not only that but it also comes with three different vibrations to suit your skin care needs and on top of that, it even has three different LED light options for a more intense level of skin rejuvenation. We promise, adding this multifunctional godsend to your skin care routine will not be a mistake.

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Key features:

  • Silicone bristles 
  • Fitted with LED lights
  • Multiple settings available 

Available at:

1000HOUR Facial Cleansing Brush Duo

from $59.95 at My Deal

We say: With a dual-headed brush action, this cleansing device works overtime to give you the results you’re looking for. With each head moving in different directions, your skin is given an extra bonus of a stimulating massage, all while still being gentle enough to buff and cleanse sensitive and acne prone skin.

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Key features:

  • Dual brush heads 
  • Multi-direction cleansing 
  • Sensitive skin-friendly 

Available at:

Finishing Touch Flawless® Cleanse

From $69.99 at Priceline

We say: If you want your cleansing brush to look just as chic as you feel while using it, then this is the one for you. Housed in the ‘bathroom shelf- completing’ rose gold charging cradle, this silicone-bristled cleansing brush comes with a mix of four settings. Two, obviously for cleansing (duh) and two extra massaging settings that totally change the game when it comes to creating firmer, more radiant skin.

You say: “The silicon is game changing. Really soft on the skin, exfoliating, gets everything off. I can wash it with soap before each use and I know it’s 100% clean when I put it on my face. The results from adding both so far are great. My skin is more supple, I’ve had less breakouts, and it is less flaky than I previously had. Hoping the serum and the cleanser device helps even more I have very acne-prone/sensitive skin and this product did not irritate or scratch I never wanted to use other face brushes because I was always concerned about bacteria or whatever else could be living in the bristles getting up in my pores and causing more harm than good. NOT ANYMORE! This brush has solved my problem. Now my face is always super clean and soft.” – leigha1996

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Key features: 

  • Comes with four rejuvenating modes
  • Gentle on all skin types
  • Comes with a convenient and chic charging station 

Available at: 

Why use a cleansing brush?

So you’re probably wondering, ‘I have two hands and a face washer, why do I need to use a cleansing brush?’ Well as you’ve just read (and hopefully gotten inspired by), cleansing devices can do so much more than our mere two hands. With a mix of micro-currents, tiny bristles and even LED action these brushes are able to cleanse significantly deeper than we can. And of course, a little bit of added skin-lifting action never goes astray!

Does this mean you can skip your double cleanse? 

Some cleansing brushes call for a foam (or gel) cleanser, which for many of us is the second step in our cleansing routines. But this does not mean you get to skip straight to the fun cleansing brush step (sorry). And while these brushes are getting down deeper, we still don’t want to take the pore-clogging risk of skipping the double cleanse. Turn your evening beauty routine into a whole pamper sesh with your multi-stepped, skin-clearing routine. 

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