Face time: Carolyn Oates

Face time: Carolyn Oates

You’re about to get to know Carolyn Oates intimately. Very intimately. As the face of Dove’s latest campaign for real beauty, this grandmother of four will be appearing in all her naked glory on magazine pages and advertisements around the country.

Bh spent a few minutes with the woman behind those photos to ask about stripping off and acting your age…

Bh: How did you work up the confidence to get naked for the nation?
CO: I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do this at 20. But as you get older, you realise that there’s really no point trying to look like a stereotype. You realise you need to make the most of you.

Life is there to enjoy, so just relax and be yourself. Celebrate yourself. That’s what gave me the confidence to do this, I guess.

You look amazing. Have you been dedicated to a skincare routine throughout your life?
I’ve never been dedicated, really. Skincare has always been very simple for me. Though I have always washed my face with Dove soap [Dove Beauty Bar] and water. And I’m not just saying that! I have always had a bar of it in my bathroom.

And I do exfoliate and have always put moisture into my face, body and hair, if only because I don’t like that feeling of being dry, which does become more of a problem as you get older. And my hair is thick and needs the moisture.

I don’t believe in anti-ageing. There’s no such thing as turning the clock back – you can’t stop the clock. But you can maintain yourself.

I have been using the new Dove Pro.age products. I really love the Beauty Body Lotion – it smells lovely. And it just feels so nice. And I love the simplicity of the Pro.age Day Moisturiser. In one squirt you’ve got moisture and sun protection. It’s just so easy, and that’s important to me.

So if it’s not complicated skincare, what is your secret for ageing so gracefully?
Well, I’ve been lucky enough to get good genes from my parents and I’ve always taken care of myself. I’ve always needed to go to bed early, so I sleep enough. I really enjoy food, but I eat well and I’ve always been active. I’ve never been a sportsperson, but I’m always active with walking and swimming. Exercise is important for the mind as well as the body – my mum used to say that it blows the cobwebs out and keeps you feeling fresh. I believe that.

And I laugh a lot. I’ve got a good sense of humour and my grandkids. I have a lot to laugh about and fall into bed feeling satisfied.

I’ve heard you say that you don’t actually want to be younger, but what do you know now that you wish you knew at 25?
Not to worry about everything so much. Everything works out in the end, so just enjoy life.

– Interview by Tracey Withers 

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