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loved this

peels away to younger softer skin within minutes! amazing face mask i will never be going back to a mud mask. i found that my skin was incredibly soft and moisturised after using and i love the feeling of "peeling" it off

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Peel away to better complexion

There's lots to love about this mask, I've bought a couple of tubes of this over the years & always enjoyed using it.

I have a sensitive complexion, but find I tolerate the AHA's quite well, with some tingling but no irritation.

It does take a bit of practice to get the mask applied evenly & to a good thickness to make the peeling easy, but once used to it, it's a very quick & easy process.

I shake the tube prior to using, then apply a moderately thick amount quickly. The mask does dry over 10 minutes, with a little tingling & the face tightening moderately in the process.

It is easy to remove - I start at the forehead & peel down, but I strongly recommend that when applying you keep the mask well clear of eyebrows - unless you want to almost pluck them when you're removing it!

After using my skin always has a glow & feels & looks better. Great value for money too

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Its a bit tricky...

I tried this product a few days ago. I have sensitive skin and I could feel the tingle so I only put on a small amount just in case.

It is very thick, so applying it can take a bit of practice. It doesnt really have a smell to it, but it does make your skin nice and soft after.

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An average mask

I love using face masks of all types, especially peel off masks. I was, however, not overly impressed with this one. It went on fine, but took longer than most masks to dry, and was quite difficult to remove as it kept breaking. I tried it on 3 separate occasions, and found it didn't do a lot for my skin at all, I had no noticeable difference at all.

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Miss A


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Ok Product

I found this product to be just ok - I didn't like the you had to peel it side to it, but I did like the feel to it, and the groovy green bottle.
Would I buy it again - no, it did leave my skin feeling tight though.

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very nice

I really like this product, it's a bit thick and can take some practice to get the nice thin, but effective layer, ie; apply too thin and its hard to peel off, apply to thick and it takes ages to dry. but once you've mastered that, its great.
my skin feels really clean after removing this mask, helps to control my oily skin and dosent dry my skin out either:)
the only thing i dont like is the smell, the 'fumes?" can sting my eyes a bit, so its better to use when you have the time to lay there with your eyes shut, apart from that... its great!!

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Great feel to this mask, leaves your skin dewy and fresh (PS good for spot treatment)

Apply this very thin if you leave it thick in areas it can glug and take a while to dry.

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Face Mask with a Difference

This product comes in a little green box. Inside you will find a beautiful aqua greeny blue tube. It is a sticky gel that you put all over your face. Cover all your face but be careful around the eye areas as these are sensitive areas and peels can sometimes irritate this area. You may feel a slight tingling sensation but I found this is normally and felt this every time I have used this product. Wait until the mask is set and just dried. Then start to slowly peel away the mask from your face following the contour of your face. Peel off until everything is gone on your face. Afterwards I found that my face felt refreshed, smooth and if I looked really closely to the place where I took it off my nose I could actually see some of the black heads and pimpled come off too (yes I know a little gross and a bit of an over share). But I have found that this is one of my all time favourite masks. I like to use it once a fortnight to once a week. I tend to use it more in summer. I have dry skin and dont find it dries my skin out at all.

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Style by Kir...


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I bought this product after seeing it contained AHA's which I find great for my skin. My major skin concern is enlarged pores and some acne scarring. I've only used this a handful of times so far but it leaves my skin feeling super clean and refreshed and I'm looking forward to seeing an improvement with extended use. Love peeling it off lol so much fun!

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Really nice mask

I love how easy this mask is to use. Just apply, wait to dry and peel off. So much easier and quicker than masks that have to be washed off. You don't need to use too much or otherwise it will take forever to dry. After peeling off this mask my skin felt so good and looked so much more smooth and healthy. The only thing I didn't really like was the smell,. It smells a bit too chemically but I will continue to use this mask as I really liked the results.

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