The best face mists for calming inflammation

The best face mists for calming inflammation

To most, face mists are like the marble bathtubs of the beauty world. They’re bougie as hell, often deemed OTT, and regardless of the decadent delights they offer, not exactly a non-negotiable essential. Unless, that is, you’re redness or rosacea-prone. Yep, for sensitive skin types, they’re more of a life-saver than a luxury. Whilst there are great tools and treatments on the market designed to settle our delicate complexions, our calendars don’t allow for sheet masks or jade rollers in the moments we need them most. Inflammation waits for no one, and it often rears its head at the worst possible times – forget rain on your wedding day, sensitive skin types deem redness a far greater concern.

Luckily, when we’re in need of a fast-acting soothing solution, the mighty mist is always there to save us. Often written off a gimmicky skincare step (or mistaken for extremely expensive scented water), face mists are the real deal when it comes to calming an irritated complexion, gifting your skin with inflammation-eliminating ingredients in the form of a cooling wash of moisture. They also fall into the limited crop of skincare steps you can do at your desk or in the back of an Uber (without scaring your boss or damaging your 5-star rating like a clay mask could). And for the times where your complexion literally cannot handle any finger-to-skin action, they require zero physical contact – just spritz 8-10 centimetres from your face and reap the refreshing rewards. From redness-reducing rosewater to all-calming aloe, we’ve rounded up our favourite finely misted formulas – trust us, this is an edit not to be mist… (sorry).

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La Mer

La Mer The Mist

The price tag is hefty, yes, but so is the list of benefits it boasts – it works to heal and hydrate skin whilst soothing surface irritation, minimising the appearance of fine lines as it goes. It’s also ace for your guy to spritz on post-shave (so pitch it to your partner as a “share” item, then swiftly relocate it to your side of the bed).


Jurlique Lavender Hydrating Mist

Lavender holds the power to relax your skin the same way it does your mood. This must-have mist pairs the superstar soother with calming aloe vera leaf extracts to create a sensory experience that would rival a spa session.

esmi Skin Minerals

esmi Skin Minerals Refreshing and Hydrating Skin Snack Face Mist

This soothing spray’s clever name sums it up perfectly: it’s a snack for your skin that tops up its moisture levels, refreshing and replenishing your face to get it through the day feeling comfortable. It’s particularly helpful if your skin is exposed to air con, too, so it’s no doubt a deskside essential.


Swisse Rosewater Balancing Face Mist Toner

Toner isn’t always a welcome addition to a sensitivity-friendly regime, but this misty take on the often-skipped skincare step is all about leaving skin toned and soothed. With rosewater, aloe vera and vitamins C and E, it brightens and balances the complexion without triggering redness.


Natio Refreshing Face Mist

The perfect addition to any purse, this gentle mist is great for on-the-go applications. With a super soothing aloe-cucumber blend, it also boasts an alcohol-free status, to invigorate skin without bothering inflammation.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Mist

It’s hard to beat Vitamin E in the soothing stakes, and this multitasking mist is amazing over both bare skin and a face of makeup. It provides instant relief, hydration and protection, plus it’ll also lock your look in for the long run. Treat yourself to a spritz pre and post-makeup application.

House of Immortelle

House of Immortelle Hydrating Rose Facial Mist

There’s no doubt that rose is the ultimate inflammation easer, but this magical mist takes it to a whole new level, using delicate floral water distilled from the petals of rosa damascene to balance, refresh and calm your complexion whilst offering a seriously divine scent.

Main image credit: @hoskelsa Do you use a face mist? What are your favourite ingredients to look for?

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