Treat acne in just 5 minutes

Treat acne in just 5 minutes

Growing up I tried anything and everything to get rid of my pimples: toothpaste, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and every cleanser, toner and zit cream under the sun. I even gave up chocolate for a while, but that just made me cranky with no improvement in the pimple department.

My poor skin was scrubbed, pulled and prodded so much during my teen years, I’m still not sure it’s ever forgiven me. So when I heard that there was a facemask (something I indulge in every Sunday) that helps to purify the skin and reduce acne, I just had to get the word out to teens everywhere so that they don’t have to go through the pain my skin did.

SkinB5 Skin Purifying Mask is a soothing mask that works in just five minutes. Seriously, all you have to do is squeeze it out of the new easy-to-use tube packaging, slather it on and relax on the couch as it works to decongest, heal and renew the skin.

The problem with some teen acne products is that when left in the shower, or without the lid on, they can quickly start to lose freshness and be at risk of contamination, which could lead to the product losing its effectiveness. So the new squeeze tube of the SkinB5 mask is a fantastic solution. It ensures the product stays fresh and won’t be exposed to the air or anything else until it’s squeezed out. Plus, it makes dispensing and applying the product a whole lot easier. 

The mask contains French green clay and vitamin B5, which work together to draw out oils and impurities, cleansing and detoxifying the skin. Avocado oil and aloe vera are then utilised to soothe, heal and nourish the skin so it’s left smooth, cool and clean. 

But don’t think this is a product just for teens! If you’re after a deep-cleaning and skin-rejuvenating mask, this one ticks all the boxes – no acne required.

So what do you think? Is this mask something you’d like to try?

Well then it’s your lucky day because we’re giving you the chance to WIN ONE of 10 SKINB5 PACKS WORTH OVER $160!

Each pack includes:SkinB5 Acne Control Extra Strength TabletsSkinB5 Acne Control CapletsSkinB5 Acne Control CleanserSkinB5 Acne Control Moisturiserand aSkinB5 Skin Purifying Mask(yes, the very same one I’ve just been raving about).

So what are you waiting for? Simply fill in the form below for your chance to win…


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Competition ends: midnight AEDT April 29 2014
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