I’ve been using an eye cream since I was around 18. “Crikes, that’s early,” you might be thinking, but in reality, it’s not. Besides wearing SPF 30+ every single day, investing in an eye cream is one of the smartest things you can do to combat ageing, so don’t be slack and dismiss them, OK?

Now, just to push my eye-creams-are-utterly-awesome point a little more, here’s four reasons why you should incorporate an eye cream into your skin care regimen right now…

REASON #1: Prevention is better than cure.
Many females only turn to an eye cream when fine lines start to appear. By applying an eye cream twice a day from as early as your teenage years, you’ll minimise the signs of ageing and prevent lines from appearing earlier than they should.

REASON #2: The eye area is delicate and needs extra TLC.
The skin around your peepers is a whole lot thinner than that on, say, your cheeks and forehead, so it needs to be treated differently. It’s constantly pulled and pushed when you remove your make-up, and is also regularly exposed to the elements, such as sun and wind, so tends to dehydrate quite rapidly. This makes it more susceptible to advanced premature ageing than the rest of your face, which is why it needs extra attention.

REASON #3: They target specific eye concerns.
Think you can simply use your face cream around your eye area? You’re wrong. Not only are face creams too thick for this delicate area, they’re also unable to fix common eye issues such as dark circles and puffiness. While many eye creams are multi-purpose, you can also purchase one specific to your needs – be it amping up collagen production, de-puffing or minimising the appearance of dark circles.

REASON #4: They’re gentle on the skin and your eyes.
Not only is the skin around the eye area very thin, but it’s also very sensitive. So, it’s an eye cream’s duty not only to combat the signs of ageing and fatigue, but treat the skin with care, too. Many eye products on the market now contain naturally calming ingredients like chamomile and cucumber extracts, so they can be used and adored by all skin types. Plus, these days eye creams are generally also ophthalmologist tested, which means they’re less likely to irritate your eyes.

This delightfully delicate eye cream is made up of 4 per cent AHAs and a blend of vitamins, making it incredible at reducing and smoothing fine line and wrinkles, while also combating dark circles. Brilliant!


Do you use an eye cream? If not, why not? If so, which eye products do you love?