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Reduces puffiness and minimises dark circles and fine lines while the lightweight, cream-gel formula actually helps hold eye make-up in place. Clinique All About Eyes helps to make the fragile eye area skin stronger and better protected. Calms, soothes, comforts and smoothes the eye area. Protects against environmental damage. Extends eye make-up wear. Safe to use around the immediate eye area. Absorbs quickly and effortlessly. Ophthalmologist tested.

Apply sparingly with ring finger morning and night over the entire eye area after Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.


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Tashee 92


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Only ever get this in Clinique GWP packs

This is a good eye cream... Can't really justify the price tag though but I love getting it as GWP at DJ's or Myers wouldn't actually buy it though. Tightens the eye area up

Read the full review of All About Eyes by Tashee 92.



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I have really bad dark circles and bags under my eyes, that are difficult to cover even with concealer so I decided to try this product. It has definitely improved my dark circles and bags, they can now be concealed with just foundation. The product is rich and creamy, feels very moisturising when applied. The packaging is simple and elegant. I did notice that when I stop using this product the effects are quickly reversed, which I don't mind but some may be wary of especially given the high price tag.

Read the full review of All About Eyes by Cherrykisses13.



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Very very moisturising

- Very moisturising. I put a thin layer on daily and I do occasionally get milia. It is too moisturising for me.
- I have not really noticed any reduction in dark circles
- Does ease the puffiness.
- Cool, refreshing

Will not repurchase as I personally need something lighter

Read the full review of All About Eyes by susurrus.



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Fantastic eye moisturiser but nothing more.

I've not seen this make any visible difference to puffiness or fine lines, there has been a small improvement to my dark circles but I believe this is just due to finally hydrating my eyes properly.

This pretty, cream coloured gel/cream hybrid has that classic Clinique skincare scent.

The formula smooths over the eye area easily and absorbs quickly without leaving an oily residue, leaving the skin perfect for your makeup base or beautifully hydrated for your nights rest. You only need to use an amount about the size of a grain of rice for each eye.

While I really like this eye cream I firmly feel that it is nothing more than a nice light textured gel/cream that can be used both day and night that will hydrate your eyes well, any results that it produces is just from having well hydrated skin around the eye area.

I would actually recommend this to anyone who would like to start the routine of using an eye cream but doesn't have problems in that area.

Read the full review of All About Eyes by Zaralis.



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Works for me

I'm not prone to puffy eyes, but on the mornings after a good cry at night, this is the thing I use to calm down my eyes. I have this is a small roller & it feels like a little massage & makes me feel refreshed as I use it. I find it lovely, but I'm not sure how well it works for people who are more prone to puffy eyes.

Read the full review of All About Eyes by mmandy.



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smooth and moisturising

I received a sample size as a GWP and I have to say I liked it. It didn't help with fine lines as it claims to but it went on very smoothly and kept my eye area moisturised. Being a gel it also feels really cool and nice on the skin. For me it is not worth the full purchase price so I guess I will not be buying the full size.

Read the full review of All About Eyes by Neel8888.



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A little pot of awesomeness

I have been lucky enough to receive a couple of samples of this, but would purchase the full sized product in the future. This is a beautiful lightweight formula that feels almost like a gel. It feels cooling, refreshing & definitely reduces puffiness. I use it before bed & in the morning under makeup. It is expensive, but a little goes a long way, even the samples last a long time. I love Clinique & can honestly say their products are worth the price. Invest in your skin!

Read the full review of All About Eyes by Flicky26.



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Hey Big Spender

I expected a lot from this product after all the positive reviews and how expensive it it. I found it worth the cost in the end. It did wonders for my skin and I def would buy again!

Read the full review of All About Eyes by LisOnLife.



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Nothing Special

i'm a novice when it comes to eye creams so i went to the clinique counter for advice, i've started to get laugh lines, dark circles & miner wrinkles & am looking for a preventer. They put me on to all about eyes & i love the texture of it, it's very hydrating & relieves any dryness or irritation but it didn't do what i wanted it to do & for that i feel it's over priced. I wanted something that would help with minor wrinkles & dark circles & i expected a change after re buying 3-4 times but after i noticed no change i've moved on.

Read the full review of All About Eyes by Anna235.



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Great for eyes thats not too oily

I love this eye cream, its great for hydrating under my eyes without being too oily. I use this day and night and i think it really good at reducing puffiness.. The eye cream lasts for a long time as you only need alitle for both eyes. I would definitely repurchase again.

Read the full review of All About Eyes by suzyboo.

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