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Tired of using the same old products over and over? Bored of your monotonous fitness routine? It’s time to switch it up beauties, and with some of the best goodies no less! This week, we bring you four of our faves including a firming eye cream, hydrating cleansing oil, innovative hair ties, and a gym class pass which will all be sure to put a pep in your step. So, what are you waiting for?!

Dr. LeWinn’s Private Formula Firming Eye Cream

bh’s Marie says:

I have been using the Dr. LeWinn’s Firming Eye Cream for the past four weeks now and I’m really enjoying the results so far.

It comes in a jar with a screw lid and a disc under the lid. I’m not usually a fan of jars with discs and dabbing my finger in creams because I always end up applying too much on my skin. There is no scent, which I prefer, so I don’t feel overpowered by perfume, and the product size is also very generous, so it’s great value for money.

I gently dab the cream around my eye area in the morning and at night before applying my moisturiser. I’ve found that over the four-week period, I have noticed the area around my eye has firmed and puffiness has reduced thanks to its vitamin A.

Thursday Plantation Clarifying Oil

bh’s Liz says:

I have slightly oily but sensitive skin that’s prone to breakouts, so it can be challenging to find moisturisers that work for me. I’m not usually interested in most facial oils as I find them too rich for my complexion, however when I heard this oil is suited to skin types like mine, I was keen to give it a go.

The first time I used the oil I really liked the tea tree smell, as it made me feel like I was at a salon or spa. The oil absorbed quite quickly and although it applied like an oil, once it dried it felt like nothing was on my skin at all (as there was no residue left behind). While the bottle instructs to use a few pumps, I found that I only needed one small pump as a little goes a long way. Best of all, I didn’t experience any breakouts. I have been using the product for two weeks and for now there’s no difference in the reduction of scars, so we’ll have to wait and see. 

Lady Jayne Style Guard

bh’s Vanessa says:

I have been using the Lady Jayne Style Guards for a while now, and I absolutely love the little innovative spirals! I have quite thick hair and it tends to have a mind of its own, so any help with de-kinking my hair is much appreciated! 

The first thing I noticed is that the spirals are very gentle on my hair, and I think that’s the biggest thing I look out for when it comes to hair accessories – that they are gentle, soft and easy to use!

One tip I can offer is that if you have curled your hair and want the curls to last until the following day, tie up your hair in a high bun using the spirals and in the morning let your hair down to reveal soft, kink-free waves!

I will be using these forever now! They’re so versatile and super cute too.


bh’s Astrid says:

I was recently given a one-month pass to AnyClass – this amazing new concept where you can choose from an array of fitness classes in your city to try – and totally enjoy. The idea was that you shouldn’t be limited in your exercise choices based on a lock-in gym membership. With AnyClass, you have the freedom to choose, move and stretch as you like.

I loved the options of classes on offer – from boxing, to ballet and everything in between, there was never a dull moment! I’ve always wanted to get into Pilates, but since it’s quite an expensive habit, I always stuck to gym memberships.

As well as Pilates, AnyClass gave me the ability to trial a whole heap of classes I’ve never considered before, like Barre Ballet. I love that every week I could create a different fitness schedule just for me. There are different levels of experience for every class, so you don’t have to feel nervous if you’re a first-timer. There’s no lock-in system either, which is definitely a big draw card for me. The number of gyms I’ve joined and then never used but paid for is ridiculous! Thanks to this trial, I’m now totally Pilates obsessed!

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