Expert reviews: How to amp up your beauty routine

Expert reviews: How to amp up your beauty routine

Any beauty lover knows that when you discover a product that ticks all of your boxes, you hang onto it real tight. Like, never ever replace it with anything else. Well, the bh team has found four products that we simply can’t live without.

From a pro hairdryer that’ll dry your locks in a flash, to a face mask that’ll ditch dirt and grime, to a brow product that’s a cinch to use, and a foundation that’ll require #NoFilter, read our expert reviews below to find out how these buys will amp up your beauty routine…

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

bh’s Anna says:

“I recently arrived back from an overseas holiday and while frolicking in the sun, sand and sea left me with a killer tan, my skin was in need of a serious detox! So, you can imagine my excitement when I came back to The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask on my desk – the timing! Not only did this mask claim to draw out impurities but it would also exfoliate, cleanse and detoxify my poor, neglected complexion. I popped the mask on before bed and upon application, I was surprised by how grainy the formula was. It didn’t apply as smooth as I’d hoped, but it dried nice and evenly on my skin. I did notice some serious tingling for the first five minutes the mask was on, but this died down in the second five minutes. The mask was super easy to remove once it was dry – I used a damp face cloth and it lifted right off. Immediately after my skin felt super refreshed and looked so much clearer, cleaner and brighter. I didn’t moisturise after using the mask but when I woke up in the morning my skin looked smooth and hydrated. I’m really impressed with the results (especially considering it’s made with 100 per cent vegan ingredients!). You might be put off by the initial tingling, but I recommend persisting with this mask – your skin will thank you.”

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ghd aura® professional hairdryer

bh’s Rosie says:

“After trying this super-powered professional hairdryer for the first time, I had no qualms ditching my old faithful (and I mean old) hairdryer that I’d been using for the last decade to make room for this shiny new upgrade. This isn’t your regular hairdryer – it’s used by professional hairstylists, so straight off the bat, I knew my hair would be in for a treat. What I noticed first about the dryer was how light it felt to hold in the palm of my hand – tick! Also, I’m the kind of gal who is a little lazy when it comes to drying my hair – I simply flip my head upside-down and blast away. Well, no joke, my hair was dry in around half the time it took with my regular old dryer – BIG tick! Finally, my locks are prone to major frizz post-blow-dry, but this tool left my hair looking smooth and soft to touch. Oh, and it has a super long cord too, which is always a bonus in my book – tick, tick, tick!”

INIKA Cosmetics Baked Mineral Foundation

bh’s Sam says:

“I was first introduced to INIKA when I was a bridesmaid for my sister’s wedding. The make-up artist used it for the entire bridal party and was telling me how much she loved it because it’s natural and actually works. And she was right, because our make-up looked amazing and lasted all day. So I was already a fan of the brand when I started using the new Baked Mineral Foundation. Firstly, the fact that it’s baked and solid was a massive drawcard for me. I don’t like using mineral powder because I’m too clumsy and end up with it everywhere. The baked palette is so much easier to control and I also love its sleek black packaging – it looks very luxe. My shade was ‘nurture’ and it blended well into my skin, mimicking its tone perfectly. The coverage starts off fairly light, but I could build to a medium coverage by layering with my kabuki brush. When I wanted fuller coverage, I applied a liquid foundation first and then set it with the mineral powder, which worked quite well and didn’t look too heavy. I loved the satin finish it gave me, and the product definitely had that radiant quality about it, which made my skin just look naturally glowy. It’s definitely a good everyday foundation because it looks natural, is good for the skin and blends easily, so you don’t have to take too much time getting ready in the morning.”

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Ardell Brow Pomade

bh’s Kelly says:

“Oh my golly gosh do I look dreadful if I don’t do my brows. I’m a fair-haired lass and if I forget about this fundamental beauty step, I have the tendency to look a wee bit bald, really. Brows have been ‘in’ for a few years now and therefore, so have brow products. Being in the industry means I’ve tried everything from pencils to gels on the market, all with varying results. The main things I’m looking for in a brow product are consistency, ease of use and a natural-looking result – ain’t nobody want to look like they’ve drawn on their brows like questionable brow tattoos before feathering was a thing. My favourite brow product is definitely a pomade and this Ardell shade is perfect – I love the ease of use and control you have with application. I start with the tail and work my way forwards, filling in using a feathering technique so it’s as natural-looking as possible. I then finish by brushing them with the spooly end of the applicator so they’re not too ‘done’. Instant brow game award.”

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