Quick fix

Quick fix

Summer or winter, weekdays or weekends, I like it once a day. Usually in the morning. But that’s just me. You no doubt have your own preferences; say a couple of times a week. Or maybe as little as once a fortnight.

I am talking about exfoliation, of course. When, how and why we polish our skin is entirely personal. Because I’m a frequent buffer, I like a super-gentle exfoliant to use in the shower. At the moment it’s Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant® which is a rice-enzyme based powder you mix with water to turn it into a creamy paste. Without a single scratch, it smoothes and brightens skin thanks to a combination of vitamin C, papain enzyme and salicylic acid that dissolves redundant surface cells.

Not that I care too much about the ingredients, I just really like the way my skin feels after: smooth, matte and even. But I do happen to know through years of experience testing lots of products (yes, it’s a fabulous job but someone has to do it) that my skin responds well to papain enzyme (from papaya) and vitamin C.

I also know my skin prefers a paste over an abrasive scrub or liquid. As for moisturisers with an exfoliating action, well that depends on the product, some are too strong and others don’t really seem to do anything.

Which is why it pays to know your skin before choosing an exfoliant. Exfoliation of some kind is central to most skincare regimens, and though the thinking on how often it’s required is changing (some experts now suggest we try to reduce cell turnover than speed it up), for most of us it’s still the best way to improve the appearance and texture of skin quickly. Especially since it benefits dry and oily complexions equally.

If you’re interested in knowing more about what kind of exfoliation is best for you, why not drop into the bh forums from 6.30pm to 7pm tonight to chat with Dr Garry Cussell from the Facial Rejuvenation Clinic? There’s nothing the man in the white lab coat doesn’t know about skin.

How are you exfoliating this winter? 

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