Affordable Makeup Brand ‘essence’ Now Has Skin Care And The Reviews Are A+ So Far

Affordable Makeup Brand ‘essence’ Now Has Skin Care And The Reviews Are A+ So Far

What’s better than a skin care product that works? One that doesn’t send you broke at the same time.

It’s no secret we love a skin care steal at beautyheaven, and considering the affordable phenomenon of brands like The Ordinary and The INKEY List, we’d say we’re not the only ones.

Of course, the performance has to be as impressive as the price tag, which is why the news that affordable makeup brand essence had launched some skin care left us skeptical at first.

Yep, the very same brand that’s been providing us with $6 setting powders and $7 mascaras now have serums, mists and face oils to add to the CV.


The brand has six skin care products in total, but only two of them seem to have hit stores in Australia so far: essence HELLO, GOOD STUFF! FACE SERUM ($9) and essence HELLO, GOOD STUFF! 3in1 FACE MIST ($6, both available at Priceline).

And it wasn’t until we spotted some reviews posted by a Platinum-level beautyheaven member that we started to pay attention.

“I have used this serum a couple of times since I bought it and must say I do really enjoy this on my skin,” Misscleostreet wrote about the essence HELLO, GOOD STUFF! FACE SERUM. “It feels [like a] lightweight gel [and] is easily applied and gives the skin some much needed moisture and glow.”

She also commended the scent, likening the smell of the serum to a “juicy pineapple” – no surprise once you read the ingredient list and find pineapple fruit water as the second ingredient!

Fruit must be a theme of the skin care, as the mist also carries a watermelon scent and contains watermelon fruit extract.

“It does smell strong, however, it does settle down once it sinks into skin,” said Misscleostreet of the mist. “The formula provides the skin with moisture (but not too much for my oily complexion). I like to use it also when my skin feels tired to refresh my skin.”

Another common ingredient of both formulas is glycerin, a moisture-trapping occlusive agent.

In the U.S. the brand also has a face moisturiser, face mask and vitamin C serum, which all retail for under $10. We wonder if they’ll make it to our shores…

Main image credit: @essence_cosmetics

Have you spotted any essence skin care yet? Would you give it a try?

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