Emma Stone uses what on her face?


Imagine you’re a celebrity. A well liked celebrity in fact, with a few movies and a good reputation under your belt. You’re becoming quite the attraction at red carpet events and money is no issue. What would be your favourite beauty product? 

If any of you answered with baking soda, I’d firstly like to say, really? Baking soda? Any product in the world and you chose baking soda? And secondly, you’ll be pleased to know you have something in common with actress Emma Stone. 

The Amazing Spiderman star has said that she uses baking soda to scrub her face and get rid of dry patches. Apparently the more commonly known kitchen ingredient is great for exfoliating and judging by Emma’s flawless skin, it doesn’t do a bad job either.

So the next time you go to bake a cake, maybe try a little baking soda on your skin. Anything to be like the celebs right?

Have you ever used baking soda on your skin? Do you use any kitchen ingredients in your beauty routine?

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