The $7 “Pièce De Résistance” In Elle Macpherson’s Skin Care Routine


Over the weekend, Aussie supermodel Elle Macphersons confirmed two of our suspicions.

The first: she’s genetically blessed. Shocker, we know.

During Vogue’s Beauty Secrets YouTube segment, the supermodel admitted that looking after her skin was not even on her radar until she turned 50. “When I was younger, I didn’t even have a skin care routine,” she explained. 

Despite ignoring the advice to take good care of her skin from early on, Elle’s complexion seems entirely unaffected. “I would go to work and the makeup artist would prep my skin for me, so I didn’t have to worry. People used to laugh at me and say you need to take more care and I probably should have listened.”

Fast forward a few decades, and much to her own surprise, Elle is all about hydrating serums and lymphatic drainage.  “I can’t believe I’m using anti-ageing skin care, but that’s what happens when you nearly turn 60.” 

“I steam most nights and while I’m in there my body is sweating, so I’ll put on oil and then use this body gua sha” she explained in the video.

The second not-so-surprising part of Elle’s skin care routine? It ain’t cheap. 

The three Barbara Sturm products Elle relies on to keep her skin dewy, plump and youthful will set you back a cool $1,273. So maybe think twice before blindly adding those to cart. 

Elle’s picks: Super Anti-Aging Serum ($521, Revolve), SPF 50 Sun Drops ($216, Revolve) and Super Anti-Aging Face Cream ($536, Revolve).

However, don’t let the luxe products and supermodel genes dishearten you completely, as it was a $7 paw paw ointment that Elle declared to be the “pièce de résistance” and “the mother’s love” of her routine. 

The exact one in question? Dr Pawpaw’s Tinted Multipurpose Soothing Balm ($7.65, iHerb), which is said to illuminate and moisturise dry, irritated skin. 

“If you don’t have it ladies, I recommend you get it.” 

Other paw paw balms we’ve tried and tested for their naturally hydrating benefits include the Sukin Naturals Paw Paw Ointment ($5, Chemist Warehouse) and Natio Paw Paw Lip Balm ($8.95, Myer). 

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  1. I love to apply paw paw on my lips before I go to bed. I wake up to the softest lips. I also get dermatitis and find paw paw to be really good at soothing it as it relieves the itchiness.

  2. Paw paw oinments never worked for me. Strumm, have tried the famed HA serum. Confirming: overpriced, performs inferior than Boost Lab HA serum or NIOD HA complex serum or L’Oreal HA 1.5% HA serum.

  3. Not even if I was rich would I spend that on skincare. I admit she looks pretty good but she and I are the same age so for me she looks her age because she looks the same age as me. I’ll stick with my much more affordable skin care.

  4. Elle MacPherson’s Skin looks so beautiful for her age but she can afford her luxury Skincare Products that most of us cannot afford.
    But it is great to see that she also uses more affordable products as well, like paw paw ointment which is a fantastic lip balm. Wished that I looked that good at 57 years old. Still I keep trying to still look good in my 60’s.

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