Ella Baché’s racy new campaign


Well, well, Ella Baché. Isn’t this new? And brave? And maybe even a little controversial?

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Gone are the images of utterly delectable ingredients from its latest skin care campaign – the French brand is now going down a raunchier route with the new Ella Baché skin care campaign.

Shot by celebrity photographer Jez Smith, the seductive new campaign features five Australian models – including Australia’s Next Top Model alumni Amanda Ware and Kelsey Martinovich – and aims to target those younger, ‘suddenly 30’ consumers. (You know, the ones who may not have paid too much attention to their skin care routine in their 20s, but are suddenly seeing the first signs of ageing in their skin and are now desperate to find effective as a result.)

The tagline for the black and white campaign is “Skin Solutions As Individual As You Are”, which reinforces the brand’s unique ability to tackle a large number of skin issues, no matter what your concern.

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Now, I don’t know about you, but it’s safe to say Ella Baché has successfully snagged my attention. And if I want to look this good stripped bare, I’m know which salon I’ll be entering for my next product haul…

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What do you think of the new Ella Baché campaign? Have you ever used any products from this wonderful French brand? And are you one of those ‘suddenly 30’ females looking for a good skin care regimen?

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