Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Eye Serum 2.0 Trial Team

Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Eye Serum 2.0 Trial Team


50 women seeking younger-looking skin by improving under eye hydration and brightness

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Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Eye Serum 2.0



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beautyheaven says:

The Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Eye Serum 2.0 works to instantly cool, brighten, moisturise and de-puff the undereye area. It features the antioxidant idebenone, boosted by five other age-defying ingredients to reverse the onset signs of ageing while protecting the skin around the eyes from environmental damage.

Straight off the bat, Trial Team members loved the packaging. In particular, the cooling applicator which (when used in conjunction with the serum) significantly reduced under eye puffiness. As far as the texture was concerned, members found it to be lightweight and extremely absorbent  —  a quality they appreciated since waiting for serums to absorb usually takes up valuable morning time. Instead of leaving the eye area feeling hydrated for just a few minutes after application, it was reported that this formula kept the skin moisturised and soft  throughout the day. Some Trial Team members hoped for a more dramatic improvement to their dark circles, however, they’re optimistic that further results could come with time.

As for the reduction in fine lines and crow’s feet? A visible softness began to appear almost instantly after members began using the serum, which just so happened to be the benefit members were most doubtful about at the commencement of the trial.

Whether used alone or under makeup, Trial Team members were impressed with the impact this serum had on delivering a more youthful and radiant under eye. The hard working and result-delivering nature of the formula has meant members are keen to continue using the PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Eye Serum 2.0 at the conclusion of the trial. Some described the product as “magic in a tube,” and are able to justify its higher price point based on the benefits it delivers.

*Stats are based on a survey of 50 beautyheaven Trial Team members.

The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Elizabeth Arden for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

You say:

“The fine lines, crows feet have almost vanished, leaving a more refreshing and youthful appearance. Though it is on the expensive side, a little goes a long way and it really has worked for me. I would definitely recommend this product.” – Orchid27

“It’s a really nice smelling serum as well. I liked how the cream absorbed into my skin very easily aswell. It kept my face very refreshed all day round. I am so prone to having dark circles under my eyes on a regular basis, I do believe this cream lightened my dark circles and made me look more refreshed.” – SAS185

“Over the course of a month, I noticed my eye area now does not look as sad, and do believe that with continued use and more time, the results will be even better. My eye circles are less dark and the lines and wrinkles are also less intense and do look much better. I can’t wait to keep using this and try other products within the Prevage range.” – Shop A Everyday

“So far the results have been amazing! I have less puffiness under my eyes, my eye area is looking more hydrated too. It has even reduced fine lines. It’s quite a thick serum, so a little goes a long way and it absorbs into skin really well. I really like the cooling metal applicator. I would definitely recommend it to others and look forward to exploring more of the Elizabeth Arden range of skincare now I’ve used this! My only hesitation is the price but you don’t need to use much product so it will last a while so perhaps the price is reasonable for the results I’ve seen so far!” – Ness904

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  1. I was so happy to be chosen for this trial, I’m really enjoying using this product. Love the feel of the applicator on my eyes, I’ve stopped my jade roller under my eyes cos I feel that this has replaced that step in my routine.

  2. Elizabeth Arden Prevage Serum was so lovely to use still have a small amount left in the tube, a little amount does go a long way. After using this Serum it has lessened my Crows Feet around my eyes.

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