14 struggles all girls with eczema can relate to

14 struggles all girls with eczema can relate to

If you’ve ever had eczema, you’ll know it’s a seriously unpleasant skin condition – and the worst part is, there’s no cure.

Granted, I’ve never had it, but I’ve overseen my allergy-stricken younger sister enough over the years to know the struggle is real.  

If, like my poor sister, you live with it too, these struggles will be all too familiar…

1. Girls with dry skin have no idea

Your friends often complain about how they suffer from dry skin in winter, but this pales in comparison to the itchy, flaky skin condition you’re dealing with. Sorry, no sympathy!

2. Your bathroom has more creams than a chemist

From your heavy-duty Hope’s Relief Premium Eczema Cream, Dexem Repair Cream ($19.95, chemistwarehouse.com.au) and Medihoney Eczema Cream ($19.95, comvita.com.au) to the soothing Abeeco Miracle Manuka Cream and Botáni Olive Repair Cream, there’s an endless amount of cream in your beauty cupboard. And that doesn’t even include the prescription-only stuff!

3. Everyone thinks they are a doctor

“Oh, have you tried cutting out dairy? It worked for my cousin.” No. Just, no. *Slaps on Indio SOS Gel angrily*.

4. You can never completely get rid of it

Your eczema might subside momentarily, but it always comes back with a vengeance at the worst possible time. Think the night before your wedding, a job interview, or a first date. *Irons out depressingly long-sleeved top*.

5. Eczema is just the beginning

Eczema goes hand in hand with other allergic conditions including asthma, which is just the cherry on top of an incredibly crummy cake. Seriously, what did you do to deserve this?!

6. Going to bed is an ordeal

By the time you’ve finished putting on all the creams, cotton gloves and/or bandages, it’s practically sunrise already. Also you look like a slippery mummy.

7. But it still keeps you awake

You feel like you’re going crazy because it’s so itchy and you just want to cry but no one will understand because you’re the only one in your family who has eczema. *Screams into pillow*.

8. You often resemble a wild animal

Your itching and scratching is almost primal. You know it’s not a good look, but you can’t stop.

9. And you don’t even realise you’re doing it

… until your mum yells at you to stop, because “you’re making it worse!!!”. Well yes, I know that mum but I’M PRETTY SURE YOU WOULD TOO IF YOU FELT LIKE YOU HAD CHICKENPOX 24/7!

10. Sometimes you rub your itchy bits against inanimate objects

When you get tired arms, the couch leg comes to the rescue. Don’t judge.

11. Turning the heat up in the shower is #amazing

Scalding your arms, neck and legs provides great, albeit short-lived, relief.

12. Your shampoo and conditioner choices are paramount

As if it wasn’t hard enough finding a suitable body wash, your shampoo and conditioner also need to be eczema-friendly. Sure, Neutrogena’s T/Gel ® Therapeutic Shampoo and Conditioner aren’t super glamorous, but they leave your sensitive scalp intact and for that you are eternally grateful.  

13. You leave little dead skin flakes everywhere you go

You don’t even notice it anymore, but occasionally you catch someone looking at the flakes flying off you and you feel the shame only an eczema sufferer can know.

14. You get it in the WORST places

It’s not just on the insides of your elbows, it’s also under your eyes, around your neck and between your toes. Oh, and when it really flares up, hiding it under make-up is no longer an option. #Thestruggleisreal.

Are you an eczema sufferer? Can you identify with any of these struggles?

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