How to make your beauty routine more environmentally friendly

How to make your beauty routine more environmentally friendly

Sometimes we are willing to suffer for beauty (bikini wax, I’m looking at you), but that doesn’t mean that the earth should.

Here are seven simple ways to give your beauty routine an eco edge (and still look #amazing while you’re at it!)…

1. Turn off the tap

An eco-friendly beauty routine begins in the shower. The biggest step you can take to reduce your overall water consumption is to install a water-efficient showerhead (which uses as little as six or seven litres of water per minute compared to a standard showerhead, which uses 15 to 25 litres per minute). Turning the water pressure down when you shave your legs, and washing your hair less frequently (aim for two to three times a week, max) will also make a difference. Oh, and if you’re lucky enough to have a bath, use it! The pampering possibilities are endless.

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2. Recycle your empties

Look for products that are packaged and bottled in recycled materials and ensure they make it to your recycling bin (no excuses). Want to step it up? Sign up to TerraCycle, which has a free recycling program specifically for beauty products and personal care packaging. In addition to cleaning, melting and remoulding your product packaging to make new recycled products, the business also offers a donation of $0.02 to the non-profit organisation or school of your choice for every unit of packaging you send to them!

3. Buy in bulk

Not only will buying bulk-size beauty products save you money in the long-term, you’ll also reduce the volume of packaging you throw away. Alternatively, look for beauty brands who share your commitment to the environment. M.A.C accepts returns of its primary packaging containers through the Back to M·A·C Program (return six containers and you will receive a free Lipstick as a thank you!), while LUSH will give you a free fresh face mask when you bring five black pots back to be recycled or reused as art material. Cupcake Fresh Face Mask, here we come!

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4. Incorporate reusable tools

Face wipes are fantastic for when you’re in a hurry, but using a face washer or muslin cloth such as Kosmea Five Minute Facial™ Muslin Cloth the rest of the time will help you minimise wastage. Menstrual cups are another environmentally friendly beauty tool that stands up to multiple uses – in fact, they can last for several years! Find out more about the benefits of menstrual cups (and how they compare to tampons) here.  

5. Try DIY

Making some of your own beauty products from scratch will help you sidestep some of the environmental costs associated with beauty product production and distribution. From homemade bath bombs to almost-edible face masks, there’s a DIY beauty recipe to suit everyone – not to mention you can tailor the ingredients to suit your personal preference! The best part? You’ll probably find most of the ingredients are already in your pantry (or even in your bin!).

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6. Buy natural products

Incorporating organic and natural beauty products into your existing routine won’t just help you reduce your environmental footprint, you’ll also reap the benefits of some nourishing natural ingredients! At One Skincare Bliss Body Oil ($10.95, contains regenerating botanical oils to promote healthy skin, while Burt’s Bees Peach & Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub incorporates ground peach stone for a gentle exfoliation.

7. Use every last bit of product

Environmentally conscious beauties always make an effort to get every last bit of product out of its container. For conditioner, pour a small amount of water into the bottle to loosen the remaining product. That last bit of toothpaste? This bobby pin trick will help you slide that last mouthful out of the tube. Check out bh’s Caitlin’s tips for using up the last of your make-up here! Oh, and if a product just isn’t working for you, don’t throw it away – offer to swap it with your bestie for something else!

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