Can dirty earphones cause breakouts?


Getting a pimple or suffering from a breakout can be an emotional rollercoaster, which is why most of us dutifully cleanse, moisturise, eat a balanced diet and even clean our mobile phones regularly to avoid anything that may cause excess sebum.

But one thing we bet you never considered to be the culprit of your acne woes, are your earphones.

Think about it, do you listen to music every day at work, on your commute or while working out? And then put the exact same earphones into a gym bag or handbag?

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Yep, you can only imagine the kind of gunk they might collect. Not just on the earbuds, but the wires that hang from them as well.

“Bacteria can certainly colonize or grow on any surface and may cause acne and even skin or hair-follicle infection,” says dermatologist Rebecca Tung. “Regular cleaning of technology that touches your face, like earbud wires, can keep these bacteria from wreaking havoc on your complexion.”

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The solution? Wipe over your earphone wires with alcohol and try keeping them in a case and not loose around your bag.

Do you use earphones regularly? Had you ever thought about cleaning the wires?

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