5 steps to finally soothe that dry, red skin around your nose

5 steps to finally soothe that dry, red skin around your nose

It’s the irritating skin concern that all too often derails our makeup, crumbling our concealer and flaking off our foundation. Yes, we’re here to talk about the stubborn dry skin that likes to stick around our nose. 

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So whether it’s the result of overly strong ingredients, spring-induced hayfever or spending too much time in dry heating or air conditioning, here are our five tips for keeping nose irritation and dryness to a minimum…

1. Avoid harsh ingredients

Products like retinol and physical scrubs are often aggravating to the delicate skin area around your nose, as are most acne-fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid. 

If you’re experiencing redness and dryness in the area try avoiding it during application until the inflammation settles down. 

2. Lean on gentle, fragrance-free creams

Heavily scented products can be irritating to the inflamed area also. Try creams that are hydrating but also sensitive-skin friendly to ensure the area is being soothed. Look for ingredients such as petroleum, lanolin and glycerin – all praised for being soothing and hydrating. 

Apply a thin layer around your nose after moisturising and allow the product to hydrate overnight. 

bh recommends: Vaseline Petroleum JellyLanolips Golden Dry Skin SalveKiehl’s Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate

3. Don’t over do it

When it comes to skin care, less is sometimes more. While exfoliating may remove the dry and dead skin you’re experiencing, over-exfoliation of irritated areas can exacerbate the issue. 

The same idea applies to over-cleansing and over-moisturising.

As well as only exfoliating once or twice a week, aim for thinner layers of your other skin products. The idea is to allow them to properly absorb before reapplying or adding more, to avoid increasing redness and encouraging congestion and breakouts. 

4. Use a humidifier 

If your skin dryness is really getting out of control, consider investing in a humidifier for the bedroom. Pair it with a calming essential oil like lavender or camomile and it will work while you sleep to keep the skin hydrated and calm.

bh recommends: Oil Garden Smart Vaporiser & Humidifier 

5. Avoid hot water

Keep your water temperature cool when washing your face and avoid putting your head directly under the shower unless the temperature is mild to cold. 

If you want to take it one step further, the application of a cold towel to the irritated area will help control any redness or inflammation. 

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Do you struggle with this? Have you got any tips on how to get rid of dryness around your nose?

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  1. Thankfully this isn’t an issue for me. My only skin issue at the moment is a stubborn blemish on the end of my nose. It’s because of these dreadful face masks we have to wear here in Melbourne. It’s only very small and no one else can see it, but I can feel it and it drives me nuts. I’ve been putting Sunday Riley UFO (sample) I got from Mecca on it and it’s worked well.

  2. I realised at some point that I was unconciously heading for that area first when going to cleanse and I discovered I was unconsciously rubbing it too much too. Once I realised this I changed my cleansing behaviour and that area was not irritated anymore. It used to be the only sensitive place on my face and then I worked out why!

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