Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream Trial Team

Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream Trial Team


Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream


50 women aged between 25-40 who are interested in preventing ageing and suffer from dehydrated or dull, lacklustre skin.

Star rating during this trial:

beautyheaven says:

Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream is a multi-tasking anti-ageing cream that can be used both day and night. This fast-absorbing cream is formulated with juvefoxo™, a powerful hexapeptide that mimics the properties of the ‘immortal jellyfish’ – a jellyfish that grows younger, eventually transforming back into a polyp to begin new life again. The luxurious cream works to boost skin cell performance by a whopping 10 years. It also helps with cell repair and provides intense 48-hour moisture to your skin, leaving it looking and feeling rejuvenated.

During this trial, the majority of testers said the Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream was incredibly luxurious, in terms of both the cream itself as well as its chic packaging. While some members found the scent of the cream a little too strong for their liking, many described it as “soft” and “fresh”. The majority of women reported that after a few weeks of use, their fine lines were visibly reduced and their skin’s dull tone was replaced with a radiant glow. A couple of testers mentioned they would have preferred the product to contain SPF for daytime wear, but most agreed the cream was a must-have for day and night use. This was because it made their skin feel soft, smooth and nourished.

You say:

“I’m a fan of this Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream as since I have been using it, I have definitely seen improvements in my skin. In particular, my skin tone has benefited a lot and my dull, tired-looking skin suddenly looks refreshed and bright. The fine lines around my mouth area look less noticeable and overall, my skin just looks smoother.” – moonlightsak. Read more…
“Love that this is a two in one! The fact that the cream is for both day and night was definitely a pro. I found that I used more of the cream at night and could survive with a lot less during the day but still feel much more hydrated. Most days I used this on its own, without make-up on top.” – Lankan Princess. Read more…
“What I think made a difference to my skin was the Vitamin A. After a month of using this cream I have noticed a dramatic difference in the appearance of my skin tone as well as the fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead.” – emlovescoffee. Read more…
“I have been using Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream twice daily for about eight weeks now, and I am happily surprised with the results. So much so that I plan on buying a new jar once the current one runs out. That’s not something I do often, as I’m always on the lookout for a better product.” – Alishes. Read more…
“Over the almost two months I have been using the Eternal Youth Day and Night Cream, I can say I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin. The few dry patches I had (mostly on my cheeks) have gone. The texture of my skin has improved; it is more supple and smooth. I am not sure exactly what ingredient is responsible for the improvement but I can say that Dr. Lewinn’s has definitely produced a great product here.” – aussie_cat87. Read more…

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*Rating refers to the 50 members included in this trial and is correct as of 23 October 2014.

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