Do you really need to use a night cream?

Do you really need to use a night cream?

Imagine if we never needed to moisturise our skin. Oh, what time and money we would save! Our skin would ‘self-manage’ its hydration levels 24/7 and we’d never have to top it up with layers and layers of skin care products. A girl can only dream!

Unfortunately, the reality is that our skin NEEDS to be hydrated from the outside thanks to all the environmental and internal stresses (we’re looking at you, hormones!) our skin goes through.

One of the most vital skin care products giving your skin the hydration it needs is a night cream. Read on to find out why you must have a night cream in your beauty arsenal, no excuses.

What does a night cream do?

Night creams do many favours for the health of our skin, an important one being to repair damage. Overnight, our skin cells go in to ‘fix’ mode, restoring damage from free radicals, dehydration and regenerating new, healthy cells. Applying a night cream before hitting the hay gives your skin a boost for this replenishing and repairing process so you wake up with glowy, plump skin. Try to think of it as an over-night injection of the nutrients and minerals your skin needs to get through the next day.

Can’t I just use my day cream at night?

There’s only one answer to this, and it’s a big, fat NO! Day creams are called day creams for a reason – they are formulated to both protect and support the skin. Throughout the day, our skin is exposed to external stress from pollution, UV rays, and make-up, so a day cream contains ingredients like antioxidants to prevent damage to the skin. Many day creams also contain SPF which, when worn over night, can lead to blocked pores and greasy skin come morning.

So what kind of night cream should I be using?

Get your hands on a night cream that addresses a range of issues to get more bang for your buck. Look for products that target dehydration, pigmentation, dullness and also fine lines and wrinkles if you’re worried about ageing. Hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin will work wonders for boosting your skins moisture levels. Also look for a night cream with skin-loving oils like jojoba and rosehip to give your skin added hydration and a dewy morning glow.

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Do you use a night cream? If not, will you be incorporating one into your nightly beauty routine?

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

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