Do you have sensitive skin?

Do you have sensitive skin?

As the company that pioneered the concept of allergy testing in cosmetic and skincare ranges, Clinique knows a thing or two about the growing number of people with reactive skin in today’s modern world.

Clinique’s new Comfort on Call Allergy Tested Relief Cream is the ultimate is ultimate skin ‘security blanket’ as it enhances the skin’s ability to protect itself from external irritants such as pollutants. It’s contains the rare citrus jabara fruit extract which is cultivated and indigenous to Japan’s Wakayama Prefecture region.

Wakayama villagers eat and drink jabara fruit continuously to build their resistance to the onslaught of pollen each spring. Even at the height of pollen season the number of reported allergies are rare. Even rarer is the use of the wonder ingredient, with Clinique’s Comfort on Call being the first and only skin treatment to include jabara fruit extract.

The ultra-moisturising cream has been dermatologist tested and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Clinique Comfort on Call:

Gives immediate relief to dry, dehydrated skin, instantly calming irritated skin

Helps shield and protect skin against extreme weather conditions while maintaining moisture

Helps reduce instances of cracked, flaky and rough skin

As if this wasn’t enough, Clinique further wanted to create a product that would allow skin to naturally adapt and adjust to changes in the weather. As Dr. Tom Mammone, Executive Director of Clinique Research and Development, explains, Clinique “incorporated a water-binding protein that improves and rebalances moisture in the skin, building a stronger, more resilient skin barrier, better able to protect against extreme weather conditions.”

So ladies and gents, be sure to add this to your winter shopping lists, because at Clinique, they believe everyone should be comfortable in their own skin. Hear, hear.

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