Beauty Fridges: What Are They And Do We Really Need One?


Gimmick or necessity? Beauty fridges have been hanging around for some time now and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. 

Specifically designed to house beauty products, these mini fridges are said to extend the shelf life of our products, enhance productivity, improve consistency and, above all else, safeguard our expensive serums from being used or stolen from a shared bathroom cabinet. 

After a bit of chatter in our forums, we decided to take a look into whether this beauty gadget is worth the money…

What is the point of a beauty fridge?

Beyond looking cute, the main purpose of a beauty fridge is to keep  skin care, makeup and beauty tools at a cooler temperature. By keeping products out of the heat, the consistency of formulas can be improved (no icky melting textures) and expensive active ingredients can be prevented from spoiling.  

Plus, by storing sheet masks or facial tools like jade rollers in a beauty fridge, the instant cooling sensation can produce an enhanced anti-inflammatory and de-puffing effect. 

Why wouldn’t we just use our regular fridge?

That’s an excellent question. And one we have the answer to. Beauty fridges have been specifically designed to run at the optimal temperature for your beauty products, so they don’t actually get as cold as your kitchen or bar fridge would. 

What products should we refrigerate?

The easier question would be which beauty products shouldn’t be kept in a beauty fridge. Apart from electronic beauty tools, just about anything can go in there and benefit from being stored out of the heat. 

We recommend prioritising your skin care products over makeup if you have limited shelf space. Serums, creams, sheet masks, face mists, rollers and lip balms can all be stored in the fridge, with nail polish, perfume and SPF also benefiting from cooler temperatures.

If you’re lucky enough to own a beauty fridge that heats as well as cools, you can also quickly turn your bathroom into a day by warming facial and essential oils, facial towels and waxing strips.

So what’s the verdict? Do we need one?

Need? No. Nice to have? Yes. If you’ve got the extra space, cash, a stinking hot bathroom and skin type that is often inflamed, you may as well give it a try. 

As for our members who have tried and tested a beauty fridge for themselves. Here is what they had to say: 

“Honestly, unless you’re leaving your skincare out in direct sun, I really doubt they heat up that much to cause harm.” – Heathers

“Wow I have never heard of this, but guess it would be worth it [to] keep your products fresh and cool and lasting longer.” – Normap

“Catch have a really decent one for around $60. The cooling is at 5°C but it’s quite small at 4L capacity. My normal fridge is filled with various condiments! I need a spare fridge for my essential oils, absolutes, resins and waxes!” – Lucy16

“They are unnecessary but people love them because they look cute.” – Omyara

Unsure which one to get? We recommend these three…

Finishing Touch Flawless® Beauty Fridge ($99.99 at Chemist Warehouse)

Beauty Mini Fridge/Portable Cosmetic Refrigerator,Glass Panel + LED Lighting,with Hot and Cold Setting ($124 at Amazon)

The Beauty Fridge 6L ($159.95 at Adore Beauty)

Main image credit: @thebeautyfridge

What are your thoughts about a beauty fridge? Do you have one? Would you buy one?

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  1. I don’t think they’re necessary. None of my products says they need to be refrigerated and if I want a cold face mask on a hot summers day I’ll pop the sealed packet in my kitchen fridge.

  2. I’ve always thought about them but not enough to purchase as 1. I don’t have enough space and 2 thinks like eye or sheet masks in summer I’ve just put in the Fridge.

  3. Fascinating read! Ever so cute too. I wonder is it possible that because my house is near the bush and tends to stay cooler naturally, that that is the reason why my perfumes stay good for so long – like longer than what they recommend to keep them for usually.

  4. I don’t really think I need it, it takes up space (which I don’t have), and does it help extend the shelf life of the products enough to make it worth the money?

  5. I was gifted a 10L one a while ago. You don’t necessarily need one but it did come in handy last Summer. The products I use are pretty stable but I was using a formulation that did require I store it in the fridge back then.

    The beauty fridge isn’t quite as cold as a normal fridge or bar fridge and condensation can be an issue. Also, don’t put too many things in there or the fridge will ice up. Personally, I like to store some drinks in there like the odd can of soft drink or my coconut water.

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