Discovery bag: June goodies reviewed

Discovery bag: June goodies reviewed

The opportunity to get selected for a Discovery Bag is one of the Trial Team’s highlights – and boy, did this month’s haul live up to our members’ expectations! The June offering included skincare, body, dental care and hair removal products, targeting their every beauty bugbear.  

If you’ve been holding out for a beauty splurge, now is the time. One of these goodies is calling your name…

Vanessa Megan Nature’s Elixir Face Oil

“My daughter has suffered from acne for three years. She used this for two days and her acne wasn’t as red and by day three, it looked a heap better. Now, at day five, some of her acne has disappeared. We are so impressed with how much better her face looks.” – Wendymick

“I have normal to dry skin with a few dry patches thanks to the winter weather! I put three drops of this into the palm of my hand with a few drops of water and apply it to my face. The oil absorbs well and my skin immediately feels softer and well moisturised. I haven’t noticed any long-term effects, however it is still early days.” – Katieloves

“I applied this oil to my face, neck and décolletage twice daily. I found it relaxing to just massage the oil into my face and relished spending a few minutes improving the circulation of my skin and getting the blood flowing. Nice! – CherryBlossom 

Colgate Optic White Express Paste

“I have been using it for a week and I can say there is a slight change in the shade of my teeth. It’s a shade whiter since I started using it. The toothpaste has a strong, minty taste which leaves your mouth feeling fresh.” – Pritishy 

“I’ve been using the Optic White for morning brushing and my regular toothpaste for my nightly brushing. That actually worked out really well. No sensitivity and my teeth feel very clean and look whiter after just a few days of use!” – Lucrecia629

“I am giving it 4 stars because it was non-irritating and I enjoyed using it, but it does contain some strong ingredients (which is understandable in a whitening toothpaste). I’d love it if you could achieve this same taste and results in a toothpaste with all-natural ingredients!” – CherryBlossom

Redwin Perfect Naturals: Coconut Balm

“I’m in love with this 25-gram tube of balm. It smells amazing and is wonderfully hydrating on the lips. I use it throughout the day and one last time before heading to bed. I love how it makes my lips feel.” – Meedee 

“I noticed that when squeezing the balm, it is quite thick and a bit hard to get out, but when I applied it to my lips, it made them feel lovely and soft. My lips are usually dry and sometimes a bit cracked. After using the balm a couple of times, it was a welcome surprise how much better my lips felt and looked.” – Wendymick 

“As much as I love the scent, I’m on the fence about this product. I have found it is moisturising when freshly applied, but it’s not long-lasting enough.” – stackcats 

Marzena Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion

“The Marzena hair removal lotion worked within three minutes. It takes less time and is more effective than the brand I was using previously. It’s also cheaper. I have switched to Marzena hair removal lotion for good.” – Pritishy 

“Before the recommended maximum six minutes, I ran cool water over my arm. The water removed all the lotion and hair from my arms, revealing soft, smooth skin. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to rub at the hair roots to lift hair up and off as is usual with other removal creams.” – GildedButterflies 

“I used this on my chin and it works really well. I also tend to have sensitive skin and always avoided anything that might give me a rash, but Marzena Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion is magic.” – Shaper

What do you think of these products? Have you tried any of them?

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

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