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You know what we love more than filling you in on the newest brands to join beautyheaven or introducing you to brands you may have never heard of before?
Sending you said brand-spankin’ new products to try out and review yourself! That way you get to, a) experience the products first-hand, and b) share your thoughts on them with your fellow members.

Which is how our Discovery Bag – a goodie bag full of products that are new to bh and just begging to be tried – came to be. Then, once they’ve been trialled and reviewed by some of our trusty members, it’s up to us to give you the lowdown on what they thought.

So let’s take a look at what bh members thought of these new products…

Tebe Gentle Eye Cream
This nourishing eye cream contains a blend of natural plant extracts and oils to help smooth and improve the appearance of the skin around your eye area.

Pro: “The eye cream is very gentle, in spite of my very sensitive eyes that easily water, this eye cream did not irritate at all. It absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving behind a greasy residue and it instantly the skin looks soft, smooth and moisturised, with fine lines plumped out and the skin looking more refreshed.” – Princess Fiona 1
Con: “I learnt the hard way that when you squeeze product out, it does not go back in…. So as a word of advice, only squeeze out what you need!” – WhoAmI

Olive 100% Natural Skin Care Oil
A powerful blend of botanical ingredients that can help scars, stretch marks, fine lines, ageing skin, uneven skin tone, dry skin, and sensitive skin.

Pro: “It appears to absorb into my skin really well, which is great as I have found with some oils that it can take a while to sink into your skin and can feel a bit greasy.” – Green_Jaguar
Con: “The product comes in a large 60mL plastic bottle with a flip top lid, which I have to admit does make it a little difficult to get just a few drops to use on the face, as well as it made the top of the bottle a little greasy after only a few uses.” – Princess Fiona1

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Senscience Silk Moisture Shampoo
This shampoo will work wonders on dry, damaged, or coarse hair, leaving it clean and hydrated.

Pro: “The shampoo easily lathers into a thick lather, and after just one shampoo, and using only very little in my long and thick hair, my hair is soft and clean, and feels so healthy, and that’s even before using conditioner, which I usually do” – Princess Fiona 1
Con: “Personally I didn’t feel that the RRP of $31.95 was done justice by the look of the bottle. If I hadn’t heard of the brand, or known the retail price I would have thought it was a supermarket brand shampoo.” – Miss_J

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Senscience Silk Moisture Conditioner
Hydrolized silk protein and sweet almond extract will protect your hair, while penetrating deep into the hair shaft to replenish moisture and soften your strands.

Pro: “It is easy to wash out without any residue making it oily. I can tell how soft and manageable my hair will be before I even dry it!” – breathesarah
Con: “While I think this product did a great job on my dry hair I do feel that it is a little heavy and weighed down my extremely fine hair.” – Trudz

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Couleur Caramel Ceritfied Organic Concealer
This Certified Organic concealer will help reduce the appearance of imperfections, dark circles, and puffiness.

Pro: “Couleur Caramel Dark circle concealer works great on my dark circles. I have genetic dark circles and if I was stuck on a deserted island this is the only thing I would bring!” – forever new
Con: “While I have found better coverage in other concealers the quality and texture of this is second to none.” – Trudz

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SexyEyes Sexy Lenses
These coloured contact lenses are a great option if you want to change your eye colour within in seconds.

Pro: “I found the colour to be a muted purple/ lilac with the lens slightly larger than my normal eye giving me an awake look. I had a lot of fun playing with different make up looks and colours.” – Trudz
Con: “I had to remove them after a couple of hours, as my eyes would become slightly tired.” – WhoAmI

Have you tried any of these brands or products? What’s your favourite thing about trying new products?

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