5 ways to use WaterWipes Facial Wipes

5 ways to use WaterWipes Facial Wipes

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If you ask us, the more uses a product has, the better.

Whether it be a balm that can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks, or a tinted moisturiser that nails coverage and comfort in one, anything that gets us out the door faster is alright by us.

And one such item we could never be without? Face wipes. But not just any face wipe.

If you’re a big fan of on-the-go cleansing, you’ll need ones that do the job, but are also gentle on the skin.  WaterWipes Facial Wipes are made using only three ingredients; 99.9 per cent purified water, fruit extract and dead sea minerals, making them the world’s purest facial wipes. 

Watch the video above to see five ways in which these wipes come in handy.

Have you ever tried WaterWipes? What do you use face wipes for?

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  1. Really love Water Wipes. Absolutely the best for sensitive skin. After sweating, I use them to clean my scalp and refresh chest and neck after a hot flash. So refreshing and the Wipes are strong and never break!

  2. Had these to try. Used multiple ways…for cleaning my tablet-hybrid, surfaces, refreshing chest, neck, pits when on the go all day and when hot…etc. I would rinse and dry if using at home ..then reuse again by soaking it with micellar.

  3. I only use wipes occasionally, when I have a migraine & I’m too tired to do a proper cleanse. With my blemish-prone skin, I can’t afford to do this too often.

    I’m trying to use up my hoard of makeup wipes & use reusable ones instead. Are these compostable? I’m trying to reduce my single-use items.

  4. I took a pack of Waterwipes with me travelling on a car trip. I felt confident using them as handwipes to cleanse my hands because they are so pure. I knew I wasn’t putting unnecessary chemicals onto my hands. : )

  5. Water wipes have been awesome on my dry sensitive skin. I usually use them as a quick face refresh in the morning, as I don’t feel the need to do a double cleanse in the morning and these make me feel fresh and awake.

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