Demi Moore: has she or hasn’t she?

Demi Moore: has she or hasn’t she?

We don’t often like to be suss about people, each to their own and all that. But sometimes, when you see a gorgeous woman of a certain age, you can’t help but wonder… has she or hasn’t she?
I’m talking about Botox… (read up on the difference between Botox and fillers here.)

Demi Moore certainly doesn’t look like she’s old enough to have relatively grown up children; in fact she could be daughter Rumer’s twin sister. And while I’d like to think that Mrs. Kutcher has simply aged amazingly well, my instincts tell me that it’s not all just down to good genes – something has been done, and while the outcome is gorgeous, I do think she ought to be honest about it.

After all, no one can beat the clock – ageing will affect each and every one of us. And I happen to have a couple of friends of the skincare kind that you’d be bonkers not to get acquainted with…

Alpha-H Age Delay Intensive Anti Wrinkle Night Treatment – this little beauty does all of its regenerative work while you catch some zzzs, so you’re sure to wake feeling utterly youthful.

SUNSENSE Anti-Ageing Face Moisturiser – this dual purpose darling will keep you protected from the sun (the biggest culprit of premature ageing) and contains hydroxy acids, vitamin B3 and vitamin E to help prevent the signs of early ageing – you know they say prevention is the cure!

So who is your anti-ageing ally? (and do you think Moore has or hasn’t?)

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